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Reload this Page and my brother is shouting at me... again
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and my brother is shouting at me... again

I don't know why I bother confiding in my bro. I know its a really bad idea but he gives me tough love. Tough love is basically where he screams at me, I scream at him back, I think hes a prick, he teels me I'm an idiot and then one of us hangs up and I'm left angey for an hour before I realise that little shit is right.

Todays tough love was as thus:

"You are a daft cunt with a fucking superiority complex. Stop being a fucking baby and man the fuck up! You're gone in 5 weeks ffs! You piss me off! My sis is not a fucking idiot yet you call me ay stupidoo'clock because of an issue that isn't a fucking issue! Man the fuck up and call me when you date assholes, not because you're a sleep deprived dickhole!"

So yeah. I called him a cock and told him he was being unreasonable. He replied by telling me that I had better sleep or he would knock me out.

Hes usually more overbearing than this when it comes to relationships with me and anyone really... and my clothes and my diet and basically everything I say or do.

This morning he told me to stop being a pussy.

Shit man........... I must be acting like a pussy.

Damn you! That dickhead! See what I mean!?!?!?!?!

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Sik Simon
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Me and my sister argue about the stupidest shit, like whether or not we should beat some goddamn sense into our other sister. But that's cool that you guys have a relationship like that because you know me and my other sister, meh, my other sister is a lost cause and doesn't even want help, so we don't even talk. It's good to talk, my sister calls me at all hours of the night, but it's cool cause half the time I am awake anyways. I bet if he didn't give a shit he wouldn't even get angry, you know cause he wouldn't care. I think his point was that you don't need a babysitter all the time, and it's hard for some people to be alone in their head, shit I know that first hand, but the more you live in your head, the more you get used to it. The stupid thoughts are always gonna be there, keeping you up at night or distracting you in the day, but that doesn't mean anything except that you are a thoughtful person, and that your mind isn't gonna just give up and stop working when there is a problem in your life to be solved, just because it's bedtime. Just take it one day at a time and don't stress about shit, it's fine to think about it, but you must endure it, don't fight it. Just kinda let it happen and it will pass and you know if you lose alot of sleep, well then eat some long lasting energy stuff like protein bar and vitamin-b complex before work if you have to, whatever you have to do to make it through the day and then when your face hits that pillow the next night it's like ZzZzZ.
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Me and my sister have a really good solid relationship, Sometimes I am giving her advice we tend to be on the same level of understanding and maturity.

It's good that your brother cares and sibling love can be one of the strongest types.
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Just because my brother and I tend to argue all the time about petty stuff just means we're close. Same with my dad and I or my bro and my dad.

get the three of us into a room and we can turn a yes/no argument into a 3 sided argument.

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