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Darks and media

Before of this it's important to say the present impulsive reaction of haters of great artists on my comunicative of hate for me talk all its true its true on RATS same who destroy darks

The industry of media who includes singers as “ property “ has turned since 2004 to a facist medioeval one fruit of a chriminal ignorant with a career of chrimes and no cultural preparation direction colocated at media’s international power
Public has the right to know to be entered as they grasp public for consumerism they should informe to public the reallity but it’s obvious they are doing the things against the solicitations of public and frauds and furtively but of course public has to know and so then I’m making the communicative for you know it right , get it to show all your uncondformities and … be sure will be heared for who is the right person “ the cause “ of the attacks to britney .
At the time when Britney made the publication of her disc “ black out “ and public let clear this time the prefference for Brithney on singers of the era ( 80s 90s and more !! ) which they RATS tryed to hide ever since changing all the sistem of programing of songs and its causes in alliance with its stores and fixed lists of popularity and this way reimpel the last album of Britney’s most ferocious competitor with her album “ conffesions on the dance floor“ which pulic did not support by the obvious support to Britney

so as in another cases the prefference for Christina and Hilary too and which they by this cause made to be the first most published album by Madonna & Co in synchrony all the international corporative and of course furtively making to think to people that this time ( and ever since ) public refused Baritney and accepted Madonna till our times , while they want to do to Britney’s career what they have done to Cyndi Lauper’s which while they don`t support her under its sabotage she sell 4 million albums into 1 only mont while Madona only sell less than 1 million , and at the Black out‘s moment they repeat its schemmes sabotoating Britney , when it’s time to make my comunicative they then give to britrney some awards and programe her song at radio ( a little ) , for then on the international public’s ignorance they remove Britney of media TOTALLY and while It would be better if fans don’t consume RAT’S product on its media for change it or say “ I don’t like the programing “ to corporative while they stop to talk on the pedophilia of Michael its anorexie , and begin to promote him turning then a singer no consumed in a “ popular “ singer while on britney they practice the annulment , datraction , the calumnies on her healt and turn the queen of pop in a “ has been “ just what they want as they have done to Cyndi Lauper according to its likings , Britney said when they gave the awards to her “ piece of me : I don’t understand when they give an award to a video when I have made better videos “

and THE DIFFERENCE IS WHEN WE ALL DECLARATE OUR UNCONFORMITY ON WHAT THEY DO TO BRITNEY THOSE RATS , and just take in mind they practice this way of hypocresy continuously for don’t lose the public that they have by Britney but it’s context is to disapear Britney dissembling to fans the practicings like for example just a little example now they according with singers prostitute singers who nobody buys like what Madonna is turning and they don’t like it but they say to these singers mainly of Madonna and Co . “ make a song mentioning “ crazyness “ for play it in our programing when britney do a new launching “ and they play continuously these songs , play movies with the same theme , cartoons , novels too following up the rutine of detraction and all for fans of britney get the message and maybe let britney but to think “ Britney ‘s career is desrtroyed by her OWN cause “ and taking in mind the annulment of britney 300 times play Madonna and Britney ZERO times anyway all fixed for detract Britney IN THE BADDLY HIDEN WAY and reimpeling the career of Madonna& Co like the Cyndi Lauper’s way where they promote gaga , all site of Cyndi lauper is fill of promotions to gaga but no this way of

stupid Cyndi Lauper on gaga’s sites , and in its enterprise of videos web via where they conduce fans of Britney to Madonna too they put stuff of gaga on cyndi’s stuff but nothing of gaga on Cyndi lauper’s lists of viodeos trying to impell a no popular gaga who has not nor public on her sites to type there and the total nulled Cyndi Lauper has more people than gaga this respect , they have decided to support Madonna and no Britney and Cyndi Lauper her most dangerous enemies on all its international corporative Madonna & Co in synchrony but since 2004 its decition have not worked and I said everytime they had to support better Britney Spears and Cyndi Lauper for they could make it to work but fans of Britney have capted much of its plan and have not responded as they like so Cyndi lauper and britney Spears have most capacity than who they selected like Madonna that now nobody likes with all its exahustive promotion on her ” like what they promote constantly on its media while detract britney saying “ she’s so tinn , sems a teen , ooh …who’s that girl that teenager ?, the 1000 acts of charity , she likes all of black color , ( because at RAT ‘S stores all is in pink , but they have seen with all its support to pink people consume more the black , they have had to return to black then and when they want to popularize some singer they say “ she likes the black “ ) , she is the only who loves Britney and nobody else etc etc … “ when of Britney they do total annulment or say its total detraction
Do remember it’s our complaining to them Madonna & Co , our refuse to it’s nullment on Britney on it’s media our refuse to its product on its media what have done them don’t disappear Britney cinically I heard some guys talking on that paparazies were who are doing damage to Britney’s career but of course this is not so simple for some paparazzies it’s all the corporative ,

included Obama which they made president , you can not get it quickly but I don’t go to type details .. for now but I ‘ am already occupying me of the case at least hatters know it very well and have to type some sendings this forum to confuse this reality for example to fans don’t get any reaction and only turn in sweet spectators while they dispopularize to someone and popularize another one , so don’t get its project where Britney is the main occupation to them now they have disappeared totally the projection of Ann Lauper and of course web sites of Britney and in the main reason to get the control on all stuff of dangerous enemies for then get the control on it in the easy way
From 2004 on media which public consume at its home have had the idea to act united they have seen it’s better to do it in union with “ competitors “ instead to do it against them they get more gaining this way but of course there are stuff that public have not to grasp , so as I mentioned they watching the preferences of public on Britney Spears and no on its Madona in a right time decided begin to save the career of Madona they did no considerated Britney Spears to its ambitious new project of 2004 but as a dangerous enemy like Cyndi Lauper is they simply decided to make the same conduction to Britney as they do to Cyndi Lauper and while according to themselves to save the career of Madona which till today they have not achieve it thanks to the refuse of fans to what Madona & Co likes to impose in the fascist badly hidden way

so then they begon its perversion on Britney and Cyndi Lauper .
They want for fans of Britney turns to admire mediocrities of singers of down quality hopping them for an idiot public ( as they suppose public is ) turns to admire its singers which invoice to them and are its personnel and associates after its fixings from 2004 on and are singers not of the likings of public but of the likings of the gay fat turkey into pink tuxedo administrator of Madona & Co who wants for fans of Britney Spears consume the product which corporative has fabricated where the word “ democracy “ is just a word to marketing they make the people of shaved head , women in short hair or shaved heads women with the half of the head shaved , in black and white or only black to be repugnant according to its promotion do it in all its programming which includes cartoons , shows , novels , movies , videos , magazines , newpapers , mainly and they can make the apparition of some woman in black , shaved head no dress kind 70s in miniskirt in some moment just to make people to be confused but the context on its promotion is to make be popular and acceptable the look in pink , long hair no tufts , knots kind noodles beside the head of big curls ( the uniform of media last time wanting for people gets ) men in long hair and an exaggerated coloration that they can not popularize yet for much people prefeer the black coloration and they have had to back to black desiring for do all in full coloration 70s kind and while they little by little and in the baddly hiden way detract the people into a look opposite to its pretending of Madona & Co
This way do remember what they never never will publicate on its media and in opposition to publicate it they have removed all information on its media as is the case of when its store and billboards was in union to begin to detract the album of Britney “ Black out “ we have not to forget this acts they want for we forget as when they have used “ hall of fame” ( where of course Britney everytime goes to be nominated but never will be part ) to reimpell the album of Madona when fans of new singers of the moment which Britney was a significative precence made that album of its Madona no appear in lists and all these data of course we never will see again since they disappeared it of everywnere of Madona & Co’s media

They said to fans of Cyndi Lauper “ if you want to Cyndi lauper be into our designator driver of fame and important list of “ all time singers “ you have to do a “ facebooock “ and done it then you tell us “ of course fans of Cyndi Lauper are so so wild and innocent that was manipulated just by Madona & Co . to consume these visiouse things what they promote and Cyndi never will appears in nowhere because democracy today is used as a marketing practicing that they have prepared to Britney Spears and is no necessary when they fabricate the programming so obviously 300 times Madonna Britney zero per week
They don’t like to accept they made a big big mistake not giving to Britney her site of queen of pop destroying her career and trying to save the career of Madonna it’s real we nextly go to see the very so much repentine fall of the top model queen of pop Britney and unexplicable disappearance of course on its media while base of fans keeps preserving her as they made to Cyndi Lauper and conducing all followers media’s via to Madona & Co using as ever its involved ways of media they hate all publications on Britney if they hear a song of her there around they see it as a loss to Madona & Co corporative as they do it to Cyndi Lauper which they will never give an image of “ all time’s singers “ for procurate to her a fame of has been and pretending for disappear an important significative historical enemy to Madona & Co . as they have seen to Britney as enemy as great influences for singers and public no under its control so they have decided simply to disappear them

because they have invested much in pink stuff , uniform of no tufts long hair noodles beside head of big curls dress 70s kind , red hair they hate black hair , and will no stop already , hate the rare hairdos of Cyndi Lauper her emo’s image as an attempting to its exhaustively promoted uniform of noodles that they like for all public get , as they will talk bad everytime on gothic people so is to Britney and Cyndi Lauper kind of things they see as a potential danger .
They play only 70s music for remove the attention of public on the Britney’s era which is the most recent of importance , they say they play music of 80s but of course they don’t play Cyndi Lauper cinically when she was the queen of 80s a queen that have made to disappear and when they want to detract popular requests of this artist they play only the song “ girls just want to have fun “ for communicate so she’s a has been who is no important and never was it , of only 1 hit and they be sure for publicate it in its talking shows and media where they ‘d can do it literally for be clear what they want to public get pretending the same model of processing urgently to Britney .

When they put a person with tuft , shaved a half of the head , short hair , mini skirt they talk horrible of that people like “ this is an antiquated person “ .
So they make to know clarely to mediocre singers who can not sell any disc that if they make songs and videos promoting things that destroy the image and popularity of Britney what make damage to her in her person and career then they its singers of trash will have the promotion that want to sell when without this fascist imposition of these promotions on its media could not sell anything and so then when Britney does a launching they play these trash and practice the nullment on Britney thinking “ at last she goes to

disappear “ . Cyndi lauper had an instrument to the shows she does and they saw it as a support to her artistical image and begon to promote that she looks bad with the instrument till they achieved for her let it and then said to Madona to use an old guitar on her shows for she let the dull and simple image she have them knowing right to practice right its pretentions , as they want to promote the dancing kind 70s and concerts then they for example of Cyndi Lauper have removed all songs in acoustical and pieces of blues of her album “ at last “ they have removed in mainly way all the original videos of singers letting the concert’s version and live versions only on the Madona & Co corporative’s mark of videos web via practicing the imposition again since 2004 on .
They have done big mistakes that no like to let like are : No only try to save the career of Madona but try to sustain her as the queen of pop and try to turn her as a success like Mozart Bethoveen , Vivaldo in the moment when her became with her media to a dangerous threat for competitors where Britney is of significative presence and by rejection of Britney’s public its Madona stoped to appear on lists of popularity at 2004 when they changed schemes of programming on musical tops too and no took in mind fan’s voice . To remove singers and putting a pessime ones cinically before the eye of public thinking this is a right process . To remove the queen of pop Britney and a pillar of music like Cyndi Lauper on the corporative’s media and substituting these great artists with mediocre pessime singers thinking public go to accept them immediately just because they like it
We are living a moment of transition of media where our consumerism for what they like is a feedback to them

At its grammmy awards they are making already the brainwashing for fans of Cyndi Lauper she go to recibe 4 awards when you can be sure she doesn’t go to recibe nor 3 nominations nor 2 awards at least and of course less she goes to be projected on the national and less international programming , so is as they laugh of fans as they think to do to Britney’s fans and have done too
Each time they say us “ you are the producer of this programming you the public “ they only demonstrates its insecurity by its fascist imposition as cause of our refuse to its corruption they have the urgence for destroy Britney and Cyndi Lauper

for the big problem they represent each time they want to impose its singers and there is the presence of this poderose singers at the same time so they be in the wanting for remove them cynically of media before our eyes eyes of fans , now they have seen a model in Cyndi Lauper of what to do with Britney simply have to remove her we have to don’t consume the product of the last media’s project they are attempting mainly no just against Britney and Cyndi Lauper but against all the public’s preferences by democracy in the badly hidden way so each time I type here they work on media to contradice me , so make publications till with pics on web that then haters take and send here too saying that are things that Madona said , or Britney said or singers of Madona & Co . said to contradice my communicative anyway just they are afraid it’s nothing new and they can say in this site “ gaga said Britney is the queen , our videos tv via’s director wants Britney to produce right now for us “ but of course these are the kind of things that are not on Madona & Co . ´s context that of course never go to promote constantly on its media on its tv , radio , magazines .they only fabricate benefices for its Madona , Obama , stores and marks of products they have tried for us forget the traditional behavior of agresivity and hysteria of Madona to people as did to Britney when she let her “ religion “ shouting horrible offences to her till on her media then just they told to her don’t occupy of Britney because corporative will do it , that all albums of Madona are all equals one and the anothers of bored and dull , that we have to hear it 10000 times on radio to find it grateful , the excentric sexual preferences and anorexie of Michael Jackson his enemisty

with exbeatles while make us see him as a beautiful person and make us to get an horrible image of Britney .
They have said in total cynicism that Madona is who impose the mode of wearing since 80s till today but they making promotions tv via to Madona of this kind let to see to public cynically and indifferently that clarely there is someone back all the cover of media conducing it with plenty of intenction like what to collocate at its stores and media . They think with haughtiness can to make to people what to do and consume
Don’t forget that was at 2004 when they at its videos tv via ‘s countdowns changed the rules to make the programming of videos removing the countdown of the public eye and making it in the hidden way , so we have to see it’s so so easy to them to fabricate words and lists of popularity when nobody sees the process of it , so we hear a media fill with personnel that try to sing bad arranges , pessime voices , while the grandiose songs of grandiose artists keeps in the total annulment .

While they are busy to make its faceboook and tweeties the most famous possible visious things , sites of Britney and Cyndi Lauper have the danger to disappear as have happened to some of them mainly internationals and of course they want to have the control of sites of Britney and Cyndi Lauper now they are in the work to remove all the credits of Cyndi Lauper in 80s of the 80s pop queen some one with importance of today letting her as someone insignificant as they try to do today to Britney and her last work promoting she’s not the princess less the queen , never was the princess since they saw she turned in a danger to Madona & Co . and begon to simulate the competition with its Madona as a friendship without fans be grasping anything and fabricate an history to the future and who deserves the recognition as Britney and Cyndi Lauper keeps in the forgeting while they make arrays according to it’s likings giving the another person’s recognition to Madona & Co . when they only snatch the Britney’s popularity , steal her fans as they did to Cyndi Lauper and then they say to its Mdona to hang up herself all the credits .
Fans of Cyndi Lauper know already all the way to work on its videos web via after 2004 , Madona & Co . ever since have tried to change the perspective of those fans among they are who at last conduce all stuff there

They are under contract signed and sealed they don’t go to support Britney and Cyndi Lauper they are determined to this so you could do votations to Britney each time they promote it , it could demonstrates how popular Britney is yet , but believe it that it’s 10000 times better than to be making votes simply to show a complaining , they take in mind much more a complaining of fans of Britney and Cyndi Lauper than a “ vote by popularity “ they take in mind the reactions by cause of its corruption they think they go to make rich to Britney and Cyndi Lauper just for put a one of them past’s songs simply on radio , so better make complainings .
When they want to popularize to someone of its singers they make some publication preferably just and only web via ( according to them said it by its singers in person ) “ I like Britney “ or “ I like Cyndi Lauper “ , “ I like the black color “ taking in mind the really popular like the black color is and at which they had to return they can not understand they have to return too to Cyndi Lauper and Britney
THey don’t know what else to do when have used it’s “ institutions “ like bilboards , grammmies ( where they tried to impell the fame of its singers exploting the Britney ‘s image ) , halls of fame , and see Britney is yet who most they want , just they know they are making the untrust of fans on these

“ serious institutions “and making to see the real kind of fidedignity of these.
Of course they go to end with Britney since 2004 have worked very much go to give to Madona all the fans they want , just as they have done to Cyndi Lauper , the same Madona hardly sold discs in all 80s when they begon to work on Cyndi lauper , they play more another singers who were not importants at 80s and 90s already than the same Cyndi Lauper and Britney world wide way .
They mix the pink and black looking for do all pink now a little trying to violet , to remove the black full color is its dream long hair , uniform no tufts 70s kind , so the hip hop with 70s rhythm looking for let all in 70s kind had to back to black looking for pink . In the way they promote its telephones on its novels , magazines , cartoons , radio , they united have the dedication to destroy Britney and Cyndi Lauper so when you hear the radio fill of Madona & Co . just are they working up in its fascist way media has stopped to be a scarcely place of “ complacences “ to public to turns in a very animated way to consumerism
They have the urgence for collocate for our consumerism its singers of Madona& Co . in the fascist way till at video games so we have to see vampires in pink bell - shaped pants , just to promote its impositions through something really popular just they have seen there another way to achieves it just using and exploting the popular things like they practice with Britney only using her to popularize singers of its Madona & Co . corporative as they have done for example at its award’s shows where they explote Britney as some of the ways they have as they have done to Cyndi Lauper with its singer of the Madona & Co . corporative gaga , where they only put all gaga’s image on the Cyndi Lauper’s stuff ( sites , shows , pics ) but at

gaga’s stuff they never say and put anything of Cyndi Lauper , all with the end to popularize only its singers . At any site of Britney there is a great quantity of members situation that Madona & Co hates and want to destroy while on gaga’s site there is almost nothing of members Madona & Co . has introduced haters of the enemies at forums as mods
. They want to impose its uniform of red long hairdo kind noodles beside head no tuft , and it get the same spontaneous popularity that the tuft of Cyndi Lauper of 80s got yes that tuft that much girls on streets shows with proud ( that of some of hair raised on the face making a convex position forward ) So they have done to women to wear clothes in which they looks much more fat like that of 70s kind when much women only wear it because they see all women on tv wearing it and hearing songs of Madona & Co . corporative .
They mix popular singers with singers of its corporative to project them to impell them making an appearance to public get them as consummate artists till to say that its singers of Madona & Co . are the better singers of all times , they have a big big big preparation and play

100 musical instruments while they make sabotage to Britney’s tours and Cyndi Lauper’s tours too .
They occupy to remove the Britney children beside her just I don’t go to detail it now but this all by the launching of “ black out “ which they saw as the significative album to turn Britney as the indisputable queen so then to publicate things like “ she colocates alcohol in the babies’s bottles and she use drougs at a chups “ that public believed it just for they say it . Radio has turned in a fascist way to abuse to people , they have the idea some day people go to accept what they exhaustively meticulously impose to public “ the mass “ as they call it at media they don’t let anything without meticulousness already , they have done a big mistake that have turned in a total obsession of them and just they can not accept they have not colocated singers of quality to surpass and supplant with fraud to Britney nor Cyndi Lauper for people says “ ok ok ok you all have removed Britney cynically … but at least collocated someone better and with much more talent I recognize it you let someone more grandiose so I could forget Britney by that “ NO they simply don’t accept they have done a big mistake and prefer just to practice the fascism , fraud , the vile and cynical imposition at media perverted communicators like

the case of chanon Osbourne know if they make offences destroy and detract to Cyndi Lauper and Britney Spears the most great enemies of its Madona & Co . corporative they go to recive a great support of media world wide way just for practice this maneer . Do remember when they gave to Britney the broken shoes to its show and put Sarah to say its line and to Cyndi Lauper made her to sing without microphone the half of her song because “ mysteriously and exactly “ when she goes to sing the aparatouses were descomposed and “ mysteriously “ then comoposed it again “ them alone “ when Cyndi Lauper stopped to sing , so when they go to a tour “ mysteriously “ all the shows find obstacles and inconvenences that make them to change dates to a very different moment .
Don’t forget when they gave to Britney the awards 3 awarsds !!! to “ piece of Me “ till she said “ I don’t know why they gave me 3 !! awards to this video when I have done much many better videos “ when all was just to silence the claiming of fans for the annulment of Britney on media annulment that continues now and will , to simulate and hide they are not destroying Britney and when I sent the communicative and there you have the reason .
When Michael Jackson died Madona ran to be enclosed herself under padlocks and latches at London , just for her big big sensation of culpability thinking that any person before her is a killer , poor woman with that pain of conscience , all for she knows all the filth what Madona & Co have done from 2004 on to Britney and Cyndi Lauper persons like Madona simply can not sleep
Public solicites yet more stuff of Cyndi Lauper than stuff of its Madona & Co . singers so we have to hear a “ new “ kind of radio which is a boring , Madona & Co . ‘s singers have made songs 70’s kind they have had not success so they have had to back to hip -hop , rap rhythm they look for singers don’t get the rap nor hip hop it’s a big annoying to them but they retake it just looking for make all as 70’s style sound in total senseless
When Britney does a launching they begin to detract her in all possible ways a one of them is to collocate at the same time of the launching of Britney all the possible competence to her just for her sell not albums so it’s known in addition they’ll support the competence with its fraudulent promotions and privileges like to be the most wanted singers and mainly all the right promotion on media to its person and work so they fabricate the popularity of singers till make competitions of course only between the own singers of Madona & Co corporative for public thinks “ oh the are really so democratic “ when all is only a way of promotion knowing they the best way to destroy the production of the enemy is just the annulment this is the era of the revolutionized media since 2004 era of superstars express made artificially and instantaneously .
Britney now is played world wide way on broadcastings where they only play past’s songs to make her an image of past’s singer as they have done to Cyndi Lauper they have the urgence for public see them like that
To Madona promote right her songs each time she make a publication as that of “ confessions “ they remove the original hits of abba and don’t mention them on all media . They play only 2 times per year “ girls jus want to have fun “ at its channel of videos tv via wild and innocent fans of Cynd Lauper feel right with media by that and when someone says an unconformity for this situation they show a disagreement with an opinion like that taking it as a very big offence to that media which they suppose exhaustively and with irrational love supports Cyndi Lauper everytime when it’s true they should play much more songs of that artist and no only of 80s and only 1 for 2 times per year .

They are total ignorant persons likers for corruption that nor knows that history has demonstrated as a no right no convenient to nobody ways all the acts they are doing On this all and a 100 per cent of fixings on Britney’s life and works of course they never go to let to Britney to talk on the true on her and Madona & Co . corporative
Madona & Co .’s media knows very well they are the base for an artist like Britney has a right career haters have had till the need to put on Cyndi’s stuff phrases like does she hate the latin people ? trying to remove the popularity of her knowing the relevance she has at places like Europe and latinamerica yet
Madona & Co . corporative thinks that what they promote on its media is what “ the mass “ ( as they call the respectable public ) is obligated to assume as cultural , they have the idea they have the right to say for example for who talks right on Cyndi Lauper : “ you don’t know anything of muic because Cyndi Lauper is a “ one hit wonder “ one and Britney is a singer who wants a takeoff from the failure now yet but she can not to do it already “ just because so is as they “ teach “ the things on its media and think “ the mass “ is in the obligation to assume them as a teaching . They have had to announce images and names of albums of its Madona & Co .’s singers on the clothes for clients of its stores
As a vile marketing Madona & Co . says on its radios “ we play totally different songs to all the another broadcastings we are different “ when it’s known they are making a coaboration with the same singers same containing of its programmings

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Try for some paragraphs. Separation of lines makes for an easier reading experience. Though I cannot for the life of me even grasp what you are raving about

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Yeah! Fuck Cindy Lauper!

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how commercial the music industry is choosing to support artists that the public likes rather than risking it on a little known band that probably doesn't appeal to the supporting customer demographics and tarnishing the images of those artists they can no longer sell? *shrugs*

i just skimmed, way to much reading for this early in the morning and no coffee.
blah, blah, blah...
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You are on drugs! wtf is this shit?!
*Saunters by with a devil-may-care look in my eye.
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I known and said on the precences on the precences of some antidarks hipocrite precences here lovers of the RATS they live to watch what I do I don't go to follow the idiot game of verval fighting just we public and the darks are not so idiots moorons as they'd like all the detraction on darks everytime is present on all its media yesterday they repeated with its traditional envy the program where a boy is a vampire and a pesime boy all to destroy on " the mass " ( as they call to the respectable public ) the style of dark , by its incapacity and impotence for watch public is in black and not in 70s style of them of the stupid industrie of media who in base at the fraudulent practicings make " popular " the styles and singers that people hears and consume by imposition and fascism of the big fat gay pig in pink tuxedo hater of darks management of Madona & Co ( only that at this time I have said to public THE TRUE and they have not been able to impose its ridicule , style colorful ( trying at first in pink then the horrible of

coloration of 70s ) ( well girls are wearing already the ugly blouse - dress of 70s kinbd to looks more fat colorful the long hair with the big curles , no tufts of Cyndi Lauper men in long hair , just cyndi lauper have had the dark style all her career by this they have destroyed her success all time just a detail you must know no as queen margot ( its Madona ) who they have helped all time by prostitute her " work " for them the RATS . Cyndi is no the kind of person who obey the media to have true success SHE HAVE HAD TO LET A LITTLE HER DARK IMAGE TO THEY LET A LITTLE HER WORK IN PEACE BUT SHE HAVE SEEN NOR DOING IT THEY LET HER SO SHE RETURNS TO THE BLUES NO TO RAPID ELECTRONIC RHYTHMS , well I no like to do long the matters of Cyndi Lauper that is so so so long on the attacks of RATS to her ( again I have to aclarate I don't like Cyndi Lauper nor Britney just I hate the hipocrites who desrtroy the dark color ) as all the trash they play at radio for the consumerism intensively and furtively ) anyway I was saying I's no necesary to talk when they play the program promoting " dark people is pesime and unsecure persons who wants to copy the vampires to they feel right " ) I think people is intelligent to see what tv wants and in the case just they want to destroy all the black style THING THAT DETRACT ITS INDUSTRY OF IMPOSITION ( then we have to see PINK

VAMPIRES acording to its productions of hollywood they were so liking the dancing the balls of mirrors ) and be careful BE CAREFUL because now it's a little of violet color too ) then mixing it with ugly pink to drive it to its horrible colorful style 70s on which they'll never say :" people feels insecure and for this they looks like christma's tre with bell-shaped , coorful super long hair 70s style , just they want to feel as Fawcet as angeles of Charlie poor insecure drougadict alchoolic pesime ´folks in pink color " NO just they say " The people in pink color long hair blouse of fat 70s kind big curles beside the head no tufts of bells is very very nice and beautiful wonderful persons " BY THIS all people in a simple pink " T " feels as a VIP person , each time more and more dark people disappear and appears those " things " colorful long hair ridicules stupids who live to obey its tv and it's the true we live dayli and for the RATS of tv - radio - media who drive inocent public to its ends by Madona and Co. anti Cyndi Laupers its most dangerous enemy RATS by this they WANT with urgence to make to her a fame of 80 I had to comunicate it on the comunicative they this time let Britney's work in peace JUST FOR THIS TIME JUST TO CONTRADICE THE COMINICATIVE AND CONFUSING PUNLIC MAINLY DARK althoug yu say NO but YEEES , just it's obvious they are meticulose RATS in the way you are not usually to watch


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