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Old 11-20-09   #21
DF's Dirty 'ol Man
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*makes note to have some onhand when you visit*
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Old 12-23-09   #22
Banned from DF
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Bourbon is an American whiskey, a type of distilled spirit, made primarily from corn and named for Bourbon County, Kentucky. It has been produced since the 18th century. The typical grain mixture for bourbon is 70% corn, with the remainder being wheat and/or rye, and malted barley.
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Old 12-28-09   #23
Manic Muffin
Face in the Mist
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Scotch Whiskey if you please, on the rocks.

I drink often but when I do, I like the finer alcohols in life.

I have expensive taste but a beer budget
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Old 04-02-10   #24
New Blood
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Scotch I can drink on purpose, bourbon is for when I don't get a choice.
Irish whisky I need to try...
Yso Cyrius?
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Old 04-02-10   #25
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lately it's been double malibu and pineapples with surfer on acid shots, you can't even taste the yaeger!

chuck norris shots if i need a real kick.

oh, can't forget the occasional jello shot for group fun.
blah, blah, blah...

Last edited by Jordyn; 04-02-10 at 23:10. Reason: additional thought
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Old 05-13-10   #26
New Blood
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Whisky is the part of my " Trying to quit " list, but it is the one which i am trying and not completely quit. Well Bourbon is amongst my first choice.
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Old 09-11-10   #27
Moans in the Night
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i dont drink much bourbon anymore, i did grow up on it. my favorite is a canadian blended or beam. my last job got me partial to beam and coke, its just aquired i guess. plus it had a psychological thing too...at the end of a hard day i could always come back to the resort and bullshit with the p.m. cooks standing in the front kitchen drinking as many beam and cokes that my stomach could fit in it before going home. almost like brandy, its over priced, you cant mix it with anything, but it always reminds me of the holidays.

scotch, no....i tried my hardest to get myself to enjoy scotch just so i could look "sophisticated" at company events, didnt work. tequilla and rum are give or take for me, shit ill drink moonshine to get fucked up if i have nothing else....now i usually drink vodka, straight one pint at a time, and walk next door to the dunkin donuts and get a coffee. im very boring.
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Old 09-11-10   #28
drugstore cowboy
all blues
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bulleit bourbon is the gorgeous
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Old 09-13-10   #29
Voice of Unerring Reason
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The best Whisky I've ever drank is Jura Black Reserve.... it cost enough it bloody should have done. The best Bourbon I drank is probably still some local nonsense produced in Jamaica.

"I've oft been told by learned friars
That wishing and the crime were one
And heaven punishes desires
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If wishing damns us, you and I
Are damned to all our hearts content.
Come then we may at least enjoy
Some pleasure for our punishment..."

Sir Thomas More
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