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Turk Albert
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Okay, this could belong in a new thread, I don't knwo, but I figured I wouldn't waste space, since this is indeed, about, you guessed it!

Okay, the issue here is not grammar, or anything of intelligence. This is more of ethical significance. The very fact that Jewcy is being quite unfaithful to someone she dedicated herself to recently, in that little world we call real life. Here's the scoop:

No more than a week ago, Wicked Lady hooked up with someone in real life, don't ask me how significant it was, or whatever, but fact is, she was not single; she is not single. Then, about 24 hours ago, I catch a conversation between her and woxy. This conversation was about fr0g, adn how wicked lady wanted fr0g, and about how they flirted, late at night, in some private room, or whatever (I will have to reference the logs to verify exactly what she siad).

Okay, now point is this: She doesn't even bother to tell fr0g she has a boyfriend, obviously allowing the flirting to go on freely, well guess who has to tell fr0g she has a boyfriend...ME? instead of her being honest with someone she is supposed to like to at least WARN him what waters he is getting into, she decides to take the short cut, the thing that will please that pussy between her legs when she rubs it all nice and shiny for fr0g when they flirt at...whatever place they do it.

Okay, that's the qualitative description, here's hte quantative, the proof, and a whole lot of logs. Hold your breath people, and don't gasp so hard that your lungs burst, this is going to prove that Wicked Lady does indeed have many unfaithful things to hide.

*** Log file opened: 6/1/2004 2:16:17 AM
hmm it's really sad, when I have to be the one to tell fr0g that you have a boyfriend
You told him?
Maybe an hour ago
What did you say to him.
You'll just have to ask him, I am simply telling you that he knows about your boyfriend
I apologize for bursting your little slutty bubble on cloud nine with him flirting with you, thinking you were free, but I felt it was stupid that you kept it from him, so there you have it
He doesn't care.
But thanks for giving me a heads up.
I didn' tkeep it from him.
I haven't talked to him since.
and that's why I have it logged, that the night before last, he was flirting with you?
Got any more lies with that?
You know, neither you, nor frog may care about you being obligated to someone and are supposed to be committed, but fact is that what you were doing by letting everything go on, and not respecting your boundries, was indeed unfaithful and trechery to the friendship and relationship toward the one you are with, and the sad thing is, i am sure that your boyfriend knows absolutely nothing about fr0g
*** Disconnected ***
*** Disconnected ***
*** Log file closed: 6/1/2004 2:35:27 AM


*** Log file opened: 6/1/2004 12:42:59 AM
[00:42] Doom_3 [~blah@=miKB799WL8.ipt.aol.com] has joined #darkforum.com
[00:43] turk!
[00:43] http://www.iturkish.com <---The OFFICAL Turk website, now with its own domain!
[00:43] Doom_3 slides onto the Turk Couch and smokes a cigar.
[00:43] fr0g sits on the turk couch and drapes an arm around turk
[00:44] you're lookin pretty sexy tonight sweet cheex
[00:44] Idiot
[00:44] cute couple
[00:44] wheres a camera when needed
[00:44] kiss me turk
[00:44] Jewcy was talking about how bad she wanted you last night, fr0g
[00:44] kiss me like you did that one special night
[00:44] really?
[00:44] what'd she say?
[00:44] She was saying that she wanted to breakup with her boyfriend, for you
[00:44] Ashynn [Ashynn@=behxui-xqfe269.dialup.mindspring.com] has joined #darkforum.com
[00:45] She didn't say that.
[00:45] she has a boyfriend? OMG
[00:45] she said she liked you.
[00:45] Yes, she did, ChanPerv.
[00:45] too bad she had a boyfriend.
[00:45] You weren't here when she said it.
[00:45] and yes, she does, fr0g
[00:45] I'm always here.
[00:45] Why do you think she didn't tell you?
[00:46] 'cause he doesn't care?
[00:46] She wanted you to keep flirting with her over messager.
[00:46] because he's online?
[00:46] because she's in another state?
[00:46] i dont talk to her on messenger
[00:46] Excuses to be a slut I take it, ChanPerv?
[00:46] but if she has a boyfriend, then I guess I cant let her bear my children
[00:46] Oh, well whereever you talked to her privately, fr0g
[00:46] i guess i'll have to impregnate woxy

Well, fact is that she sits there and lies to me about the flirting when I confront her about it, and obviously she just didn't tell fr0g because she was turned on to his flirting with her, and was probably rubbing herself between her legs becuase of it.

Well let me say this, fr0g is respected, and Wicked Lady is liked, and you all are going to bash me for this, but you know? There is a little thing called real life. There are 'real people' involved in this, and even though she only flirts with fr0g over the comp, the fact is that her mind is not on the person she is supposed to be committed to.

This makes for some serious slutty shit you know, Wicked Lady? It just goes to show how you are popular. You aren't popular becuase you are intelligent, an oldbie here, or becuase you have a kickass personality. You are well liked around here, becuase you are willing to expose yourself to these god damned people, and in doing so, possibly hurting someone in real life that you are committed to, let's hope you are satisfied you fucking whore, you just lost every ounce of my god damned respect.

NOTE: I took the timestamps off of some of the logs, becuase they were creating smilies that the dumbass forum didn't allow too many of
...And that's the bottom line.

Last edited by Turk Albert; 06-01-04 at 04:42. Reason: blah
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