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Billy the Kidd
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WHy does Darkforum suck ass and deserve to die? let me see...

Perpetual virgin, cocksmoking douche nozel and worst of all British ass master elite.... This fucknozzel helped to run Another gothic forum into the ground, well.. it never got off the ghround really because shit-barfs like him were there to crush any and all posts anyone would dare to make without his permission... Hes generally a cock-muffin and elitest. He spent many a day sucking Garg off to get his supermod position, rumor has it that he had to let Dyshade fuck him up the ass too. He should get herpes and rot in hell.

I owned this bitch so many times i keep thinking he's my girlfriend... He ritually steps up to me only to have me bend him over and give him an ass-ful of real manliness. The closest he ever got to being a real man was licking my balls after i chummed a big gooey one in his eyes... His mom was on her deathbead or so we believed, he refused to go visit her because it wasnt "severe" enough and a plane ticket would seriously cut into his half life playing time. Hes more than homosexual, he uses his experience at a community college Psych class he droppe dout of as proof that he is the man, usually by awkwardly citing philosophers he never heard of, or other research hes read pertaining to psychology... the onyl thing that REALLY stuck for him was that people who accuse other people of being gay are the real gay ones... funny he didnt major in english at bob community college because then he would have learned about IRONY and how its ironic that he is the one who is SO willing to call someone gay with psychobabble verbage.. hes a anime nerd and a consumate bitch too, he hides behind Jap animation to make himself think hes cutting edge, not understanding that wearing a japanese character on his shirt doesnt make him a Jap... hes just a little consumer boy and pretend pseudo intellectual... he really has no balls whatsoever though. I hope he contracts AIDS
Beavis20: Lillith:
30 something year old gothic whore.... need i say more? Well YES i need say more... because she single handedly helped destroy the greatness of DF... When you think of Shitty behind the scene mod fuckrages, Lillith is probably what you picture. She argued for Garg with SInistress about lessening the rules and regs on the adult forum so minors could aces it.. in an attempt to RAISE traffic... However her shady actions and total whorish bitchyness has only lead to her share of destroying what was great about DF.

I just wish she could fall prey to one of those appauling stas of South Africa of white women who get raped by HIV infected black SA'ers... unfortunatly even THEY know what not to fuck, and where the real skeebs are... and they already GOT AIDS...

Many lesser mods:
All douchebags, unworthy of being mentioned in my breath.. i wish death to thier family and children.


Weakling is the 1st word to come to mind... hes less in control of his forum than the Iraqi COngress was when Saddam was around... He is a HUGE net nerd, i doubt hes been off of his computer or closed his instant messenger within the passed 2 years...

He uses DF to spam his own people who came here before him, and to look cool to the underaged whores around the site. Hes obsessed with that skeebie whore Lillith who uses him so she can super mod a site she barely posts in... hes pathetic enough to paint pictures (bad ones) of said skeebie whore he'll never meet... If i had a 2 inch cock and no life and lived on the ent id think it was a true romance, but then ive always been grounded in reality and know exactly how fucknig pathetic it is... He doent deserve this site, and he deserves to get his ass kicked. If i ever met him in real life id probably bully him and take his pockey money. Hed give it up too because hes that much of a pussy. I cant say enough bad things about... ill just settle on the ever so popular "hes a goat blowing shit barf who deserved to get berkely stomped".

DF sucks people, leave, theres no reason to be here anymore... i hear a NEW forum will be opend soon and all non cock muffins are invited...
Tolerance is a virtue of a dying civilzation. Aristotle
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