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Question for all...

Ok, I don't know where else to put this, so I decided to come and post it here. I wanted everyone's input on the subject.

Say you are dating someone, and all of the sudden that person ends it. Time goes by, and all of a sudden you find that person in front of you, and that person is telling you that they love you. (Whether or not they had said it before doesn't matter) But how do you take that. Do you take it as an honest comment from the person. Or do you brush it off. I'm at a total loss on what someone should do. Maybe it depends on the person, or the situation. I don't know, please put any information that you can think off. Write a whole lot, write a little, it doesn't matter, just be clear.

Thank you.
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Ministry Of Sin
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Does it Matter?

If it does. Why? Is the Pain they caused you by ending it finished? Becuase if it is still there walk away. Otherwise you'll end up hurting each other.
If you moved on, then take it as a compliment but stay moved on, nothing changes the past. You cannot undo what has been done.
But if you still have feelings for them, and can still trust them, then at least think about it, and talk to them. If you believe that there is a chance that the wont gut you like a dying pig then go for it, even if you do believe they'll hurt you again but want to try go for it.
But always keep in mind that if you do decide to start up again, you are taking a risk. They most definately will hurt you, but also they could make you horrendly and sickeningly happy.
But if they dont you at least took the risk.
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a strange little lesbian
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think about what went wrong in the relationship. is it something that you can now move past and try it again this individual? do you still have feelings for them? if so, talk things over with them before jumping into a serious relationship. if you don't have feeling for them, consider it a compliment, hell, maybe a great friendship might be in store, you never know!
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Dream Walker
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dont believe them. especially if they are a male... we lie alot.... if its a female then she probably wants something or was hurt, or you might be a bounce back. there are too many answers and possible factors to honestly give a complete answer. but if it were me. besides the verbal acknowledgement of love id take them back.
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Barely Breathing
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How did they treat you in the relationship? If you still have feelings for this person I would take them back.
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Chaos Theory
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if they hurt you dont cause thet might do it again
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