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Location: Elkins Park...Cheltenham...Philly?
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BlyssfulStorm is an unknown quantity at this point
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you must be bored out your mind to read this

the girl is my dear, dear friend, but i swear i'm gonna have to slap some since into her some time soon. she needs to face facts, for instance...

KeyOutlawPorter: :'(
BlyssfulStorm: waza madder?
KeyOutlawPorter: he made me cry on the phone!!!
BlyssfulStorm: should i be suprised?
KeyOutlawPorter: no, he was so sweet and nice...i dunno why but i just started crying
BlyssfulStorm: wait. he was being nice to you and you cried?
KeyOutlawPorter: yea....ill brb...
BlyssfulStorm: f*c*ing noodle
KeyOutlawPorter: noodle?
BlyssfulStorm: yes, your a noodle
KeyOutlawPorter: why?
BlyssfulStorm: you never heard me say that before?
KeyOutlawPorter: no
BlyssfulStorm: noodle, woozle and crackhead are things i tend to call people
KeyOutlawPorter: elaborate on noodle, other than the fact that i have a pic of her on my ID
BlyssfulStorm: i don't know. i just do
BlyssfulStorm: it'a like saying "bob's your uncle" while someones talking, it shuts them up
KeyOutlawPorter: i'd tell you about the convo but i told him i wouldn't tell anyone...
BlyssfulStorm: ???
BlyssfulStorm: who am i gonna tell?
BlyssfulStorm: i only talk to you
KeyOutlawPorter: and him
BlyssfulStorm: who's him?
KeyOutlawPorter: john
BlyssfulStorm: when do i talk to him? there was the threat, and just now
BlyssfulStorm: when the hell are we coming in contact again?
KeyOutlawPorter: just now???
KeyOutlawPorter: o yea
BlyssfulStorm: your a dim bulb, you know that?
KeyOutlawPorter: yea... an emotional one at that
KeyOutlawPorter: check out the profile i did for this SN
BlyssfulStorm: sorry about the insults, i'm frustrated, alone, and i've been listening to nothing but cold and eminem all day, i'm a tad bit angry and bitter
KeyOutlawPorter: i guess i could tell you, as long as no one else finds out...
BlyssfulStorm: odd thing is, that is key's occupation
KeyOutlawPorter: for real?
BlyssfulStorm: she's a tatoo artist, or was, she's leaving for art school soon
KeyOutlawPorter: cool...so on the phone with john...
BlyssfulStorm: ...
KeyOutlawPorter: he said he wants me to come over and cuddle with him...nothing more, he swears... he was talking about hoow sorry he was about wed. and he really wants to make it up to me...
KeyOutlawPorter: i couldn't help but cry when he told me how sorry he was
BlyssfulStorm: =-O*twitch* *twitch
KeyOutlawPorter: you might want to come to the DF chat...
KeyOutlawPorter: see what i mean
BlyssfulStorm: what now?
KeyOutlawPorter: the horses ass stuff
BlyssfulStorm: got it
KeyOutlawPorter: okay, so what did he say!??
BlyssfulStorm: do you have msn messanger?
KeyOutlawPorter: no, y?
BlyssfulStorm: dammit, i have to type it
KeyOutlawPorter: mail it to me
BlyssfulStorm: k
KeyOutlawPorter: wait, u talked to josh on MSN???
BlyssfulStorm: no, i wanted to use speaker cause i didn't wanna type
KeyOutlawPorter: oic
BlyssfulStorm: you've got mail
KeyOutlawPorter: ic
KeyOutlawPorter: im reading now..
KeyOutlawPorter: ARG!!! HE MUST DIE!!!!
BlyssfulStorm: most men must
KeyOutlawPorter: i'm irrational???
BlyssfulStorm: just a tad
BlyssfulStorm: don't kill me
KeyOutlawPorter: in what sense am i irratonal?
KeyOutlawPorter: j/w...
BlyssfulStorm: uh...oh look, a bird
KeyOutlawPorter: no....tell me
KeyOutlawPorter: be blunt! you're the best at it!
BlyssfulStorm: um...well, you could've gone about it a little better and actually considered his feelings when breaking it off, that's just my input
KeyOutlawPorter: he should've considered mine...or did you not hear about that part?
BlyssfulStorm: i never said that. but he was getting better, was he not?
KeyOutlawPorter: no!
BlyssfulStorm: wasn't he becoming more affectionate?
KeyOutlawPorter: he was becoming really obnoxious!!!
BlyssfulStorm: did you tell him that?
KeyOutlawPorter: no
KeyOutlawPorter: i was being nice
BlyssfulStorm: *slaps you upside the head*
KeyOutlawPorter: i told him that he should be nicer to me and actually think things over
BlyssfulStorm: how the hell's he supposed to know somethings wrong then?
KeyOutlawPorter: but no...when he started screaming at me about the damn job that i got him and i risked mine for, he wasn't being nice
BlyssfulStorm: so, nothing was really dicussed, you just told him to change?
BlyssfulStorm: um...hmm
KeyOutlawPorter: no, i told him how i felt and he just walked off and said whatever
KeyOutlawPorter: it really annoys me the way he treated me when i told him that he couldn't start yet
KeyOutlawPorter: i was just relaying the message that my boss told me to tell him
BlyssfulStorm: i'm not taking sides. but josh is a dumb, stubburn guy, and your a fickle girl, this was doomed from the beginning, but no one wanted to listen to me. once again, stupid and fickle don't mix
BlyssfulStorm: what's done is done, let the sleeping dog lie
KeyOutlawPorter: i agree!!!
BlyssfulStorm: know what card i just pulled for you?
BlyssfulStorm: LET IT GO!!
KeyOutlawPorter: heh heh heh
BlyssfulStorm: remember, the cards never lie, they just don't say what you want them to
BlyssfulStorm: damn truthful cards
KeyOutlawPorter: pull for me and sam
BlyssfulStorm: *narrows eyes* why?
KeyOutlawPorter: cause
BlyssfulStorm: fine fine
KeyOutlawPorter: well?
BlyssfulStorm: hold your horses
BlyssfulStorm: thunderbolt, reversed friendliness and possibilities
KeyOutlawPorter: explain
BlyssfulStorm: sudden un friendliness, your screwed
KeyOutlawPorter: :'(
BlyssfulStorm: but since sam has never touched my cards before, it could be wrong
KeyOutlawPorter: really?
BlyssfulStorm: yeah
KeyOutlawPorter: hmmm...
BlyssfulStorm: i don't have his essance to draw from ,just yours
KeyOutlawPorter: hmm...pull for me and john now
BlyssfulStorm: dammit, if somebody doesn't get their ass over here, or i don't fall asleep in the next half hour, i'm gonna have to call doug
KeyOutlawPorter: call him god damn you
BlyssfulStorm: i'll tell you one thing, letting go came up
KeyOutlawPorter: where?
BlyssfulStorm: what now?
BlyssfulStorm: in future
KeyOutlawPorter: tell me what the cards say
BlyssfulStorm: your playing into him because your naive, soon, you'll have to let him go
KeyOutlawPorter: damn it!!!
BlyssfulStorm: what am i, hitomi now?
KeyOutlawPorter: i have a month until he leaves
BlyssfulStorm: good riddance to bad rubbish
KeyOutlawPorter: :'(
BlyssfulStorm: we can't keep things that are bad for us, look at me and doug
KeyOutlawPorter: yea! look at you and doug
BlyssfulStorm: you don't wan to be me and the slut now do you
BlyssfulStorm: wait, what's that supposed to mean?
KeyOutlawPorter: the two of you are really cool with eachother
BlyssfulStorm: because we know nothing can come about it and we're not trying
KeyOutlawPorter: true
BlyssfulStorm: we agreed to that from the beginning
KeyOutlawPorter: but john...
BlyssfulStorm: ...has intentionally hurt your feelings
KeyOutlawPorter: what do you mean?
BlyssfulStorm: the letter, the picture, his entire attitude toward you...
KeyOutlawPorter: wait for the page to load and then scroll to the bottom
BlyssfulStorm: ???
KeyOutlawPorter: nvrmnd
KeyOutlawPorter: anyway...he wants to put the past behind him and wants to start over
KeyOutlawPorter: he realizes he was wrong and apologuised
BlyssfulStorm: once again, i hate to be the voice of reason, but you can't hope for what's not there. look at me and colin. i'm very bitter
KeyOutlawPorter: ...
BlyssfulStorm: and did you see the necklace i was wearing today? guess who sent it?
KeyOutlawPorter: jay?
BlyssfulStorm: DING DING DING!!!
BlyssfulStorm: peace offering or some shit like that
KeyOutlawPorter: shit, i gotta get ready for work...
KeyOutlawPorter: peace offering?
BlyssfulStorm: i'll tell you later
BlyssfulStorm: latas
KeyOutlawPorter: email me on this one...and if john pops on later, give him my cell number and tell him to call around 10
BlyssfulStorm: i don't have it
KeyOutlawPorter: ***-***-****
BlyssfulStorm: ok
KeyOutlawPorter: you can keep a copy of it too
KeyOutlawPorter: cya kid
BlyssfulStorm: i'm keeping this entire convo for later reference
KeyOutlawPorter: wait, what finals do you have tomorrow?
BlyssfulStorm: math and world cultures
KeyOutlawPorter: the last 2 blocks?
BlyssfulStorm: yup
KeyOutlawPorter: i have the last one block...k see ya later
BlyssfulStorm: latar

does this happen to you much? your friends complain to you for guidance, you give, and they snub you out for the honesty they asked for?
i love the girl, i truly do, but i'm gonna slap the shit outta her. friend or no friend, i can only take so much.
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! So, fuck it.
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Old 06-10-02   #2
BlyssfulStorm's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Elkins Park...Cheltenham...Philly?
Posts: 3,255
BlyssfulStorm is an unknown quantity at this point
Credits: 65,457
if you actually read that entire conversation, i applaud you.
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! So, fuck it.
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Old 06-11-02   #3
Tainted Soul
Darkness Incarnate
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Tainted Soul will become famous soon enough
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Boo relationships!

I read it. It was confusing to say the least.
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Old 06-11-02   #4
BlyssfulStorm's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Elkins Park...Cheltenham...Philly?
Posts: 3,255
BlyssfulStorm is an unknown quantity at this point
Credits: 65,457
even if you were here for all the crap, you still won't understand. i don't.
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! So, fuck it.
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Old 06-11-02   #5
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yeah relationships can definitly suck sometimes
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