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New Blood
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strange coincidence

is this just plain coincidence or what?

I'm a big fan of well, my own dreams. lol. the ones you dream up at night. I dreamt some pretty creative things in my lifetime and I've been blessed that I can remember a lot of dreams very descriptivly. these dreams are often subjects to stories I write so whenver I can I write my dreams down that I had recently.

Anyway besides all of that, all throughout last spring and summer I've had some dreams of war. It was kinda strange cuz strange cuz I'm a very non-violent person and rarely dream of such things. If something dies in a dream of mine, it would never involve a weapon. So when I started havin constant dreams of war it concerned me. I made sure to write them down and I have most of them. Anyway, I'm looking through these dreams on my computer and I find one which is too much like 9/11. This is what I wrote (sorry for misspellings and such, I was just jotting it down and all the astericks are thigns i wanan comment on below):


I had such a scary dream last night. It was the end of the word, really. I donít remember the exact cause of it but it was very sudden and serious. I was in the city* at the time and me and my parents were off to see my brothers new girlfriend and stay at her house. She was this pretty Spanish girl. We arrived at her house and settled down in some room on the second floor and went off to the city. As we were walking around, it happened*. It was so immediate everything changed once it happened. The whole streets were filled with hundreds of people rushing everywhere*. IT was really dark out* and everything. One thing in particular I remember is in the besginning some governmental building was totally shut off* and then towards the end I remember seeing a building with a flag on it*, maybe a bank or something, and as I approach it, at least a hundred little police cars line it so no one can enter*. I was so scared, they were all black too*. Another part I remember is that I wanted to go a music store and I said ďon 17th street I thinkĒ. I didnít know were we were but we right away saw some music store and I entered it. It was some DJ shop full of records. I remember that Iím getting my dad a record (pink floyd acuatually) but I was looking for some other srtist and ididnt find it. As I was looking, the girlfriend told me to quickly come out. So we got out and continued down the dark, crowd filled streets. We took a left turn and thatís when I realized it. This really was the end, who knew how long Iíll live. I wasnít gonna go to school anymore. I will probably never talk to Gretch again. And Iíll never go see the grand canyon and RT 1. I probably wonít live that long ethier, two years the most*. We went to the end of the street which ended hundreds of feet above the hudson river..." my other non-significant part of the dream goes here (really boring) "...On the way back home my mom tried to stop in some food shop with hundreds of people trying to get in, I told her we can always get food later even though I knew all food will be gone in a while*. We went back hoem and I wringed out my hair in the bathroom. We did some more things in the house and thatís when I woke up at 12:23 with the phone ringing. IT was such a scary dream. It was really long and extrmemly realisitic. I had n time to think that it even was a dream in the dream. But I guess Im safe no right. *sigh* "

*I don't live in the city (nyc for those who don't know), i live about an hour 45 mins away from it and only go there occasinally. I wasn't there for a few months when I had the dream
*just like 9/11, very sudden and unexpected
*you've seen the footage, everyone's running for their lives away from the buildings
*dark from all the soot
*there were flags all aroudn and on the towers, and maybe this also reflects the flag frenzy everyone went through after 9/11
*of course police cars and fire trucks went there
*they blocked out groundzero so no one can go in
*everythign was black from the soot
*this scares me

so was this dream plain coincidental or do i have some strange, scary pshyic powers? maybe if you analyze it carefully u'd think it was coincedental, but theres just to many scary factors in it! it all happening in nyc, people running, everything black, flags, all of a sudden, its scary! and if any of you don't believe it i can send you the word document myself and I bet you can somehow find out when the document was created. It was made 4/12/01.
I also had another dream that sumemr that I Remember and I Wrote down but it must be on some disk and I still didn't find it. It involved my ffamiyl and I going to a almost deserted museum in a skyscraper i nthe city. OVer there we for some reason went on these computers which linked us to information on different governemnts of the world. MY dad did something that linked him to the Russian government and he found out they were making plans against us. He started showing me it and the computer froze on him and the power shut off. We were freaked and headed outside. We found ourselves in a vacant city with only our building standing and a battlefield. Russian troops go to my dad, point him out and talk to him, and take him away. War goes on. Now that dream, does that symbolizin other countries planning to terrorize us? Just like Afgahan. has been planning it for years? They then destroy the city and war goes on?

A long post I know, but strange. What do you guys think? Is this some very strange coincidence or is it me? I don't beleive in physcic powers at all so I think it's coincidence, but isn' t it strange for so many things like that to be coincidental?

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Well, if you're going to dream about the end of the world (which 9/11 wasn't), then it's going to include most of that anyway - soot, police whatever. It's been in lots of films before, so maybe that was your inspiration. Who knows?
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Duchess Nocturn
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Duchess Nocturn
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Most of the dream that you wrote dealt little with the chaotic city. From that, I'd surmise that it wasn't the primary focus/theme of the whole dream. Because of that, I'd say that it was more than likely just a coincidence . . .

Have you ever met people in your dreams? I've had dreams with people I didn't even know in unfamiliar situations. Later, I'd meet that person in the situation from my dream.

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I've had many reoccuring dreams of planes crashing prior to 9-11...
They hardly ever crashed into buildings usually just the ground or a body of water...
The dream would start normally and randomly like any dream... at some point within the dream I'd see and amazingly large aircraft in the air (usually taking off or landing)... I'd think to myself 'Wow.. thats huge... I'm utterly shocked they could get something so massive to fly'... somewhere around me thinking that the plane would start to bank a little... Usualy my response to this was something of awe....
As the plane continues to turn I realize that it's turning too much or at too steep of an angle... then the plane falls crashing brilliantly into the earth (or what have you) in a massive explosion of death and destruction....

I was never scared in these dreams.. nor did the thought of being harmed by the crashing plane ever cross my mind... it's odd.... I had these dreams alot and now they've stopped since 9-11... so I ask..
Did the dreams stop because my mind was satisfied with the video clips of the planes on 9-11 or...
Were these dreams some sort of omen as to what was going to happen?
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