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Sometimes Horror is Cute
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blonde jokes

Two blondes are walking on an island beach arguing about how to get off when one trips over this lamp in the sand. Turns out it was a MAGIC LAMP (ooh!) and a genie comes out and says he will grant each blonde a wish.
So the blondes think about it for a long time and finally the first blonde nudges the other and says, 'I know. I wish I had a raft and a paddle so I could make it back onto the mainland.'
So the genie says 'sim sim sallabim' and poof, there's the raft and paddle. Off goes the first blonde.
Now the second blonde is mad because she didn't even think of that. So she says, 'I know. I wish I was smarter than any other blonde on earth.'
So he turned her into a brunette and she walked across the bridge.

Love, Sweet.
Tell me you love me, and I will be content for another day until you break my sorrows with your mouth.

Brian: You are all individuals!
Crowd: We are all individuals!

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Shiny Goat
I Wish You Were Here
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Shiny Goat
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haha. thats so funny

*writes down on notepad*
I am all fucked up, and i am ready to break, i don't wanna be the guy, who is always on the outside, i wanna find my own, good place

All fucked up, and i don't know how, how i ever got to where i feel, like i am dying on the inside, i want to be happy, but i don't know how
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*dark decadence*
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I liked it.
Clinton Hunter Dakota Boyd.
deeply missed, never forgotten.
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this sentence is a lie
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i'm a dork

it took me a while to get that...

*checks colour of hair... nope, still a brunette*

excuse me, i'm going to go scream into a pillow now.

am i destined to fall as icarus did? his wings- his freedom destroyed by the one thing he longed for...

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