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New Blood
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Enigmatic Collection

Its All I Fucking Wanted

I'm sad now, all my dreams are stupid, never can they happen
smash my fists into the wall blood soothes my soul as i angrily cry
All i wanted was a gothic beuty , to understand my pain to hold her close and watch the night together.

I didnt ask for a ferrari or to be immortal it was not some unrealistic dream, it was merely what my heart constantly screamed!
I'll not ask again for i know you wont send an angel to comfort my soul or care if i were to die in angst and sorrow.

I've been alone for this long guess forevers not that much more, doesnt matter if im sad and alone becasue thyre happy so i guess im just the lost cause no need to worry hes ok just doing it for attention i know thats what they say

Well nevermind , One more day, one more chance today might just be the day all my troubles go away and my one prayers answered , i just want to be inlove to be loved nothing less nothing more this is all i beg for.

Darkness Hides Within

Darkness Hides Within
Depths of mind,
Depths of body,
Depths of soul.
Darkness Releases
Darkness Controls
Sin of the mind,
Tears of the body,
Blood of the soul.
Darkness Battles Darkness
Fight fire with fire,
Darkness Battles the Heart
But is scarred.
The Darkness Hides Within…


My mind is blank
My soul is empty
All i feel is loneliness
i have no hopes
I have no dreams
I've lost all faith in me
My ambitions
were once so high
My goals I had so many
Now they are all down the drain
My life was once full of happiness
Is now full of sadness
All i seem to do is reminisce

Night's Pain

The hour is late but I am alone, my bed
is as cold as the nighttime sky, my eyes just hang
as low as the moon so bright just overhead
My heart is as black as the night around me now
and my hopes are distant like the stars so high
I understand the night, the pain she feels
the chill that grips her, the darkness that holds her heart
in place of the sun. She fills the void the way
she knows best, I fill that void the only way
I can. I stare at night my love, my light
Like two locks without a key we wait for light
to shine on us again. But she waits for dawn
while I wait for love's kind hand. As sure as day
shall come, I shall weep again as sweet night will find
her love again.

"rants of a madman"

what's wrong with all of you?
why doesn't anyone care?
we treat everything like shit
as if we're the only one that matters
the purpose of life, is a life of purpose
but clearly people don't see that, or care
i feel this world would be a better place
if humans were no longer here

animals lead a life of such suffering
all of this pain is inflicted by you and me
uncountable numbers die every day
"two big mac's, please"
whatever, dont give me that shit
telling me you've done nothing wrong
you were the one that paid for their death!
you paid for their freedom to be gone

clean air and fresh water
yeah, i want that too
so why do you chop down and pollute our world?
you say you care, but tell me... what DO you do?
get off your ass and do something!
you expect everything to be done for you
there's not going to be some miracle cure
if something is going to be done, it has to be done by you!

we hand it in our hands...our filthy, corrupt hands
a lush paradise full of love and compassion
but that's gone now, just like everything else that was good in this world
you threw it all away!! ...it's gone.. it's all gone
human, i look at the word in DISGUST!
why don't you care about anything else but yourself!?
are you some kind of fucking god!?
you have the right to say what lives and what dies!?

some world, right?
we can't even get along with our own kind
i can see why so many people kill themselves
we judge each other by our looks, not our mind
we kill each other too, and for what?
pieces of paper with 100s printed on them
all we seem to want is money and power, we take want we want!
who cares, right? they don't need it, they're just "savages"

sex, we turned it into some dirty, slutty little act
this is not what it was meant to be!
it's the ultimate act that two loved one's perform to bring meaning into this world
it's not something you jack off to or have to be 18 to see
people let sex rule their entire existance
all they seem to want is more, more, MORE!
sex IS what life is about, when it all comes down to it
but it's not just to satisfy your happy little dick, you filthy whore!

humans are the intelligent, dominant species, right?
wrong, we're just a fucking disease!
pimples on the back of this beautiful world
you tell me humans are great...bitch, please
yeah, go ahead and sit there looking stupid like that
still thinking you've done nothing wrong, right?
"i haven't broken any laws"

by being so alone all these years
am I the only one that can step back from this life, open my eyes and see?
that what we do is fucking WRONG
this world is not a trash can for you and me!
nobody listens to my words. i think i'm insane, nobody listens to crazy people, right?
but am I alone? am I the only one that is ashamed to be a human?
yeah, lock me away! you're scared, you know you're wrong and i'm right!!
"it's alright, nothing to see here, these are just rants of a madman."

The Canvas

Am I so hideous a beast that none
may cast a glance of friendship pure or love
so gentle to soothe my aching heart and head?
Am I so evil a being that none may hold my hand
and share kind words with me? I did the deeds,
the evil deeds so long ago. I have some good
in my heart untapped, it waits for the key of love
to come unlock my good from it's cage of hate.
Can a man not change with time and hope not lost?
Do years not etch a new being on the mind
of a man in prison such as the one that keeps me now,
the one that holds me hostage with a chance being
my ransom, a ransom held by those
who know me not but hate me still? I am
a beast with fangs and claws but I am a prince
here shadowed by this past I wear on my back as if
it was a fur coat on hottest summer day.
I ask you, I beg you give me the chance I need.
See below the lies they say and hate they breed.
The years can change a man, mold a man into
what he was not before. The years began so long
ago. See the years in me, see the paint of time,
not the canvas onto which it was flung. See
me friends. See me lover, see me now!

Heart Of Darkness

O heart of darkness blood
Reflect vision of stealth and greed
Simmer thought that is decreed
Amidst the elm and its seed
What is thy nature and it's feed
Playing a lute or a reed
Spreading fast what is your speed
Turning eil into good deed
Breeding lust,Sin and greed
Who takes lead upon your heed?
Burning souls like tumble weed
You are nothing but darkness indeed.....

Take My Anger And Suffocate

Screaming crys
of hidden eyes
giving enternity
to be by my side
dancing flames
or licking plauge
all hope surronder
hold the hand
of the one who does plunder
you lied
you, they shall be assorted and driven under
my vengance striking out forever
they cried out love
but showered with hate
take my anger and suffocate
you had it all
undiveded, uncontional
had to play it away
had to make me fall
to hell with you all
you still hate to this date
take my anger and suffocate

I've Known

I've known pain
Digging, scratching, scraping pain
splitting my soul in two
like a knife thrust into my chest
a pain washed in tears gone dry
and sprinkled in pieces of shattered dreams
Yes, I've known that pain

I've known loss
Empty, gaping, expansive loss
turning beautiful memories
into a painful black hole
standing by in awe as the wrecking ball of life
tears down what the heart has built
Yes, I've known that loss too

I've known hate
Writhing, seething, burning hate
the sight of nails digging into pillows
wishing it was human flesh
the growing lust for blood and suffering flowers
as thoughts of torture fill your mind
Yes, I've known that hate as well

I've known love
glorious, total, unconditional love
the clearing of the skies
and the coming of a new age
the thing that makes the pain and loss worthwhile
and takes the hate away
Yes, I've known love

My Heart

The blood now flows from deep inside my heart
the hand that holds it shall keep us far apart
and place my love in a box to stay for years
until this heart may love again sans tears.
My heart is cracked, so worn by years of pain
The fragile monster shall not again be plain
Oh, the tears I've cried, the blood I've shed for love
The pain I've felt the Hell I've known from above
My thought my hopes so dashed so torn, so meek
That hate has burned my heart so black and bleak
It is my hand that holds this heart so frail
I'd rip it from my chest to stop my wail
I've loved, I've lost I've cried the tears of white
I bleed this white and prepare for coming night
In the night I'll stay, in the night so dark I'll lie
never to taste a kiss of love I'll sigh
but never again shall I cry...

Spinning Circles

We can’t stop
the motion of time
that nauseating spin
we call life itself
Much like a top
we spin and move
until we topple over and die
we can’t slow down
the way the world
somehow comes back
to where it was before
Friends and lovers return
again and again
like passing faces
seen while riding
a merry-go-around
at the county fair
We tumble like clothes
heated in a dryer
and race to the ground
like a ball rolling and bouncing
down a steep hill
The dizzying array of images
we see before our eyes
come back to haunt us
again and again
then we return
to feel the same weak emotions
Just like the wheel of fortune
the best prize passes by
again and again
and all we can do is sit
riding the turntable
that we call life
No memories worth reliving
but everything keeps coming back
Nothing worth living for
but nothing worth dying for
we spin and spin
daring not to stop
nor to slow down
we breathe the repetition
we inhale it’s cold comfort
but we’re still too afraid
to open our eyes
and let the images pass us by
again and again


Sitting alone in the dark of night
One bright and sunny day
I stared down a piece of paper
Not knowing what to say
I meant to pour my heart out
Let it bleed throughout my pen
But then the words they stifled
No thoughts came from within
It was then that I realized
My heart was empty black
No words to say nor tears to cry
Nothing left to attack
What can I write about nothing
Except it's pure and vast
Like an empty plain of rolling hills
Lies my heart until the last
I only know this emptiness
It's like groping in the dark
I only see this pain I feel
Along with it's ancient mark
It's only now I see myself
I see myself for what I am
Just an empty hollow creature
Frightened as a lamb
So I'll curl up with my word
And cry upon my ink
For every time I write now
I can feel my heart sink

The Truth

It hurts too much to write
as I sit here to tell you my life
my mind wants to cry
and fill this page with pure
blasphemy and hate. But the pain
just grips me tighter as time
begins to wear at my soul
and I punish myself
for all the evil I've done
My life is lost and hate
has conquered my soul today
so as you read this
you are reading the words
of a man who has died inside
the words of a man who
has lost the fight to find love
and lost the fight to find some hope.
You are reading the words
of a man who's death
would not matter because
it's already happened once before.
Yet I walk and yet I breathe
as if to torture what's left
for the years that remain.
I am a broken man and one
who can never be fixed.
I ask you not to pray for me
nor to wish me well.
Because your words can not change
what has already happened
because what is said is done
and my soul is gone and it
can not be returned
Have no words for me my friend
just leave me alone here to cry
just let me drown in my tears
so I may complete what began
all of those years ago.
I ask you
let me die alone…
What is hell,but the absent of hope
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New Blood
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A Riddle For Those Who Dare

When all the joys are empty joys
and all the dreams are hopeless ones
When all my thoughts are listless ones
that kill those things for which I stand
When all my tears are for lost shots
at happiness, the great escape
When all my words seem to fall on
the deafest of the deaf ears and minds
That is when I am at my best
When the pain's so deep it bleeds
my soul so dry it cracks and breaks
When the Knife is firmly in my back
and the slings and arrows are poised to kill
When the Hell is lit aflame and sears
my flesh with a burning pang of hate
When the lies again bring tears to my eyes
and shake me at my very core
That is when I may crack a smile...
For that is when I will be alive!


The ignorant are shaded in light
oblivious to it's counterpart
that surrounds us
trapped in the shadow of reason
their hands of ask
crumble around the answer
as they search to be found
for they are blind to it's purpose
they follow paths of nonsence
that leads to a neverending maze
and their only salvation
lies in a broken dream
of their false existence............

Blood Stained Window

Cold inbroken emptiness
A void vivid in mind.
Stillness fills,instills in those
Treading insanity line.

Monotony of a sketal branch
Beating at my blood stained window.
Alone and silent,imagination
Tears apart my world of grey.
Trees forms from my nightmares and shadows
Tormenting my loneliness night and day.
Ever on lies the spectres
Stalking my dreams and confronting my fears.
Voice I hear,singular and strong
Confined by the glass
In my blood stained window.....

Achilles Hole

You did not care if you caused me pain,
When you slowly cracked my mind's windowpane.
I saw you then
Your faults in my mind.
Jagged and unfeeling
Though I'm no longer blind.
I see your paranoia ,
Need for other's pain.
I helped you free your feelings
Now you lock them away in a cage.

Everything is my fault
I'm always in the wrong.
Even when I do your bidding
It's never recognised long.
You used to ask what you could do
To help me free from pain.
Now you tell me what to do
To help you further gain.
You used to think what was best for me,
What I'd appreciate and enjoy.
Now you give me harsh words
If I am not your toy.

You used to think of others you cared for,
Did wonders to give them joy.
Now you abuse me for not thinking of you,
Letting ideas of others cloy.
Where have kindness, compassion and love gone from the depths of your soul?
You now remain hollow, disliked and unloved because of your Achilles Hole.

Broken Toy

Bloody tears,a choatic gear.
A broken angel riding on the full moon.
Infernal devices planting evil seeds in my mind.
Souless fucks,Ingorance,Greed,Corruption.
All these things makes the world that I despise.
To all who understand this little piece of my blacken soul.
I congratulate you for being alive still.
For as the hate and sorrow consumes me,
I am driven right to the point.
Almost to the void,with no one to pull me back.
So rip out my heart and snap my soul,
And yet I shall come out unscratched.
I was made for this fight and I will win out.
Against you ignorant fools for in the end,
I am far worse than what you imagined.
I am hidden and shall be unveiled as your

As If You Were A Sin

I breath you in every breath I take
We lay together and become one
Our love is a song that only we can sing
Together in harmony,we are as one
One Heart
One soulOne story that goes untold
The sweetness of your lips
The softness of your skin
Too good to be true
As if you were a sin
From your finger tips to your toes
I love you unconditionally
And that,I know is true..........

Dedicated to my beloved
who passed away Jan 18 1998

A Simple Dance

You're all I want
You're all I need
A simple dance
Between you and me

No more pains
No more scars
A healing touch
From the lovely stars

Your tender voice
Your loving words
Can calm me down
When everything hurts

Is that too much to ask?
Yet you're too far away
Please be with me forever
I need you to stay

You're all I want
You're all I need
A simple dance
Between you and me..................

A walk Into Darkness

Melancholy words,my only friend
here to escort me to the end
the kiss of night holds me so near
and amptifies my darkest fear
now run away,til we meet again
beckons that of a raven
the tools of woe are thus employed
to love me down into the void
horrid day,thou mockest me
your light doesn't permit to see;
Devils's hand pulling into the abyss
as the reaper tries to touch me
with her kiss and I end
I am the hole
I am the black
the blackened soul.......

As Dark As Hell

I'm just waitng
Alone without a care
I'm pacing
Wondering if you will be there

It's cold in here and dark as hell
It's old in here but it suites me well

My patience is running thin
And all I hate begins to win

I realize now I'm forever alone
She might be with me but this is not her home

Then as I lay covered in blood I feel nothing
but love..................

As Long As There's Darkness

As long as there's darkness,
I'll survive
As long as there's sadness
I'll get by.
Well isn't that a shame?
It is what keeps me sane
I welcome all the pain,

If only I knew,
Knew the reason why.
If I could just give up
But still I try
I'm standing in the rain,
Wanting someone to blame.
Trying to clean the stain,

I need to know
where I should go.
When will this end?
The suspence robs me
Of my only friend

I'm standing in the rain,
Wanting someone to blame.
Trying to clean the stain,
What is hell,but the absent of hope
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hate hate hate
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Welcome to Darkforum...!
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New Blood
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thank you,hope ya'll enjoy my writings
What is hell,but the absent of hope
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New Blood
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Cycle of Death

A small green leaf.Sprouting from the dirt.
Seed of life now fertile.
To grow and flourish,beauty unchallenged.
Tarnished pane.a blurry veiw.
Nothing now is clear.Wipe the glass and see the rose.
Beautiful and gracious.
Standing tall and proud.
Throught rain and drought.
Good and bad.
Prepairing to open its glorious petals,
Withering.it die
Sudden and unexpected turn.
Lying on the flooe,petals still half open.
Save image,save the memory,
Save what's left of this unmistakable beauty.
Caringly the flower is lifted,soaked to save what's left.
Pressed between two pages.It's beauty there to stay.
Though all the ups and downs,
The dream still stays alive!
The future so clesr,life so happy.
The sound of glass shattering?
The sound of a heart breaking?
The sound of life crashing down!
Light to dark,Hope to sorrow,
Memories to Regrets,Happiness to tears,
Peace to war,Dreams to nightmares.
Walking in a cold sweat,the vision to horrible to bear.
Is this Truth?
Is this Real?
Or just a scary thought?
A fear?
As the light slowly creeps throught the window.
I rise,Iam a wake.
Rushing to my window.I see it
A small green leaf.Sprouting from the dirt............


death will come
death will end
death will kill you
again and again
it'll take It's time
cut you slow
like a cautious surgeon
finishing his final blow

Crying Without Tears

What do you do when a lock is not enough?
When you cry within your soul
Kicking and screaming to hold them back
You see the light and hide
Darkness is a warm blanket
Only chains is the freedom
The gods has turned their back
Knowing your name hate the heart
Digging my grave
Entombing my twisted love

Buried Sadness

There's a distant buried sadness
a brewin in my soul
I cannot touch that what is
It comes not near my steady grasp
How danderously it plays within me!
it cowers,smote by pain
It isn't maddened or fendish
its simply a child
Weeping for seldom seen subility
It trembles with indefatiguted shudders
it screams like a mute bent in pray
The terrible pressure as it ousts my chest
I wonder how long I can bear...........

Death Must Be A Woman

Thirteen rings upon her fingers:

No gold, silver only;

No diamond or

Pearl, onyx and hematite.

Nothing of warmth about her, only chill

And black, icy desire.

Thirteen steps approach her throne, and each

Bears the tortured, final visage of a damned soul.

The throne of crystal blacker than the heart

Of a willing executioner, twisted and malformed

In a manner no living soul

Could ever verge upon envisioning.


She sits in her robes of state:

The black of plague they are, the weave of a

Silken shroud. Her skin

Is the white, near-translucency of paper-thin china.

Her hair is the fine film

Of a widow's gossamer web. Her eyes are hard,

Sharp-rimmed globes of utter vacuum.

Her lips are full and red as heart's

Blood, curving in a smile sharp and cruel

As the finest watermarked blade ever cured

In human flesh, as she surveys

That over which she holds sway:

The dead, the living, and those yet to be.


She calls, and they come:

She sings, and they dance;

She pulls their strings for the puppets they are.

And if one should chance to hold her fancy,

Perhaps she will call it soonest.

Or perhaps she will wait with patience, and

Have her way with it in lingering, shattering horror

Before granting it the peace of her

Poisoned kiss. Thirteen beats

Of a heart ring sharply. A plea, a

Soul-rending shrill makes the crystal throne

Resonate, and her eye falls

On two in particular: one who comes all

Willing to her bed, and one who would follow.


The willing one makes

No hesitation in drawing nigh her

Throne, but smiles, sad and sweet,

A look of yielding as it makes the

Thirteen strides to kneel and place a

Moon-bright head upon her waiting

Lap. She strokes the hair from its

Brow--the strands fair as the rest of

It--with a glacial fingertip, and bends to

Brush her lips against the

Silv'ry locks. The plea shrieks out

Again, not demand, but appellation.

The plea of the one who would follow--

And finds it cannot. She is drawn,

Nigh unwilling, to the one who lives, and

Feels its pain as she has felt

No pain in all her unending existence.

The plea approaches prayer in its

Intensity, in its bereft, wracked

Hope. She hears, and lends

Consideration as she has never

Thought to do before, save once. the

Prayer is not a single entity, but

A duality of thought. The one, it is

Impossible. The other . . .

The other a difficult choice. She pets the

Pale one lying in her lap, and it turns a

Gaze on her so full of

Supplication she feels her very being

Tremble. The one who cannot follow echoes

The suit, with all the anguished

Longing of the living damned.


She wills herself distant, far from

These more than mortal passions, but

Alas, they have found the place that even

She holds precious--not a

Heart, but what in her passes for one. Her smile fades,

Replaced by another: a melancholy thing of

Acquiescence. She moves herself from the

Throne where she has held court so long,

Drawing the fair one up with

Her. she takes its hand, and finds

Them in a bower fair as it is. She

Lays it down and sweeps its eyelids shut

With the gentlest touch her hand has ever known,

And kisses it asleep in the peace which is hers to

Grant or deny.


The other, the one who

Could not follow, gives a sigh of slight relief,

Reaches deep within, and girds itself to continue. She is

Transfixed by the inevitability of it. It will go on,

Because it must go on, because all other paths have

Been denied. And she,

She who sits again ensconced upon the throne of ages,

She upon whose smallest breath

Depends the fate of nations and empires--

She sheds one single, flawless tear,

Which slides in ineluctable sadness down

The china cheek, off the

Bold line of jaw, past the arm of the crystal throne,

To the unforgiving

Floor, there to shatter into pieces

Too innumerable to count.............

Draw Your Razor Blade

Draw your razor blade across my wrist,
Watch the blood drip to the floor.
Mirrored in this red, red puddle
Are all my dreams you ever held
And crushed between your hands.
Draw your razor blade down my back,
Watch the rivers form.
Drowning in these red, red lines
Is the love you cruelly stole from me,
Dying slowly, all alone.
Draw your razor blade across my cheek,
Watch the blood slide over my lips.
Remembered in these red, red tears
Are all the kisses you gently gave me
Though brutal was everything else.
Draw your razor blade across my throat,
Watch the blood fall on my shoulders.
Thriving on this red, red death
Is you, your lips pressing softly on my pulse.
Move away when it has stopped.


We’re punching doors
and stoning all the walls
We’re breaking down the barriers
and burning our world to ashes
This kind of rage
just comes too easily
what’s another act of violence anyhow?
We’ll watch it on the news
with popcorn at our side
It doesn’t matter anymore
we’re all stuck inside our cage
hurling bricks through windows
in some sort of protest
against our invisible enemy
everyone is discriminated against
and no one sees justice anymore
What can come from this world
as we set it ablaze?
Can we hope to achieve anything
when nothing but our total destruction
will come close to filling our desires
As I gaze into my crystal bullet
and see the future as it is
there’s nothing but black ashes
where our buildings once stood
and dark black circles
where our souls once rested


I stare
In total awe
Over the ignorance
That pours from your mouth
There can't possibly be
A single thought
Behind any words you say
The bile you spew forth
Unto others
With such hatred
And complete lack
Of understanding
That it is a miracle
You have not yet gagged
To death
On a mouthful
Of your own

Death Sleep

I am filled with an overwhelming desire to die
so much wasted on so many things
that now have no point
I can never look at anything the same again
romantic blasphemy
what a fucking lie
an overpas on the road of life
under the bridge
there's an end
under the bridge to die
all this new clarity
shows me insincerity
there is nothing left
so I look to the sky
and the sky goes black
face down in the mud
again you laugh
and I die
nothing will ever be the same
make it all easier
seconds passing like days
all those wasted second to die
seconds till death
I fly yto peace
so quiet underground
death sleep
death dreams


You all look so happy
On this glorious day
You all walk by me
Without saying good-day
I sit in the darkness
Staring at you all
Do I make you feel insignificant?
Do I make you feel small?
Then why do you ignore me?
Is it my anger expression?
Everyone seems to avoid me
It seem like an obsession
For fear of rejection
I don't talk to you
I'll just sit and be silent
Just like I always do
So just walk away
Don't say your good-byes
You can feel my loneliness
Just look into my eyes
I don't care what you do
Just leave me alone
For herein the darkness
Is where I call Home..............


What have I left to hold
In this realm of Dreams
Falling further into this
And tearing at the seams
All alone and all was told
My secrets-my lies
Drown the world in blood and bleach
Tearing out my eyes
Unspoken words with no worth
And the spoken value the same
Screaming only silence now
I'm nothing but a name

Forgotten beauty haunts me still
Just as it always has
Over and over again
Hearing it's not so bad
Eternity engulfing me
As my prison of flesh decays
This waxen heart burning low
I fall into dismay
Where is salvation now
Where is the healing hand
Where are the answers hidden
I feel my soul disband

Lost and lonely in this place
I'm forgotten
Forget my face
Out of time and out of luck
Maybe its fine to not give a fuck
Or maybe...I just whine too much....

Cold Death

I know what feels like
Cold and dark ,the pain,emptiness
I'm alone,I lost it all now
I have no love
It's dark in this place
The tears I can taste
What happened?
Where has everyone gone?
No one's there,I walk alone
Looking for something I can not find
Everyone I thought cared,just put on these masks,
I hate this place and point in my life
Why didn't you show you care?
Where did you go?
I'm not here any more.............
What is hell,but the absent of hope
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white lily
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wow great reads here. Welcome to darkforum. I really liked emptiness and death must be a woman. Well done, hope to read more from you soon.
Just follow the trail of broken hearts and destroyed lives, at the end........I'll be waiting.
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Darkness Incarnate
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Kool stuff , it has this broken caidence that gives it a disturbing feel, hell I usaly struggle with words to get that affect and I am DISTURBED!
You have stabed and slashed the heart of darkness and her blood has staind these pages
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white lily
The Moon's Souless Flower
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white lily is on a distinguished road
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you all should vote on the poll thread that says Poetry forum changes: everyone please read. It's at the top of the poetry thread k. Thanks
Just follow the trail of broken hearts and destroyed lives, at the end........I'll be waiting.
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