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Old 01-25-04   #1
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my myth of objectivity

you lie there in a make shit bed of text book theory that are going to make you a better person . 50 ways to make you a better lover; now casual sex is the way to enlighten the soul. with your moist hand doing the job its always done when you tounge touches the other and all you want is more.
why is it moist? is the question.
the question you should ask?
an answer could be hearing the people in the room on the otherside of the paper wall seeing if they can be enlightened.
fuck it.
setting up ios more fun. shapes float though the blimed fake cotten curtain hitch hiking on the light the pedofile pop of underwear covered singers from never never land, bludgening my ears.
i pray to hear the real soung of music the soft steady bass and the stomping drums wrapping it all in with the slow ache of a voice so far under the stars i am afraid of the words he speaks. because hidden in his moans and groans is a rich fuck who has a glue sniffing addiction and cant forgive hi parents for not giving him a toy monkey for his 3rd birthday.
the oil looking water didnt take the taste of stale bread out of my mouth.
all around the same noise is repeating the same thing groans and aches maybe enduced by the beds or by the talking , this was paridise this was the place to kill the life you lead, to cleans you of the sin of the city and make new sins in a world so god given that we are all forgiven.
now its the nyphs paridise. cum on tap in evry hotel shower room.
it begs the question what sold out first the natural way to show you love or the idea of paridise that was created to breed love.
these questions dont garentee and answer, it makes more questions so many that you wished you never started. it makes you so confused that you can feel safe and secure in this fucking well of paridise.
i take the papers out the tree that was rooted and aged then euthanised without consent for another beings pleasure. i burn the dead plants the metamorphasis of the nugget add the fresh path. the whole thing is an art form thats purpose is to create more art.
the first few tugss never hit me quite untill the 5th but im prepared.
the hit comes and im nearly set to walk out of a make shift recycled shack.
when i have finnished i realise the truth i am not protected when i travel though the fat cats alleys and i should never go alone and enlighten ment isnt found in a five minute wonder of a comatosed night.
it is found in this shitty paridise that we all would die for because thats what we are surposed to think.
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Old 01-27-04   #2
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new world order

im sat here once again lookin into he daze of information for sound sight and taste of cold stale air of hte place i live that is small it wont fit on the map.
im listeing to my future. a debate betwwen fat cat puppets about universaty (big spell) tuition fees. if the bill is passed i will spend25 years in debt :lame: .
the question i will ask is how can these representatives of the people do this to the people.
in september i will go to university and take my degree in photography combines with contempry art , if the bill is passed then i will not have to pay anything till i earn over 15,000 a year after my degree is complited. since my art degree will send me to a art proffesion then the chance of me earning this is low but i will still have the debt hanging over my head incase i do earn more money.
although after 25 years my debt will be wiped.
that isnt the real problem
the real problem is that uni's will be able to charge as much as they want for people to go there, which means i may not be able to apply to the uni best at the subject i wish to take.

on a very different matter i really like a girl. she is so cool and has such a great way of thinking. today we spent first period talking in the freezing cold just so we could talk, when we got cold we found an epty room just so we could still talk.
we are in 2 classes together and have so much min common but im affraid of rejection.
maybe i should re read my little belief about the world ( the first post )

ill be back again
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Old 02-18-04   #3
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im a pheonix cool
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