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Old 05-26-01   #1
Moans in the Night
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Join Date: May 2001
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I highly doubt that most of you will even understand what I am going after with this statement... this thread. Have you ever noticed the fact that all of you just concentrate on acting... half as intelligent as is most probably possible for yourself? Think for a moment though. What is most probably what you are wondering at the moment.. so let me go further.

School starts out by teaching you stuff... and you fall behind. The first reaction to this is that you feel stupid... retarded... whatever else that you might be just because you can't understand everything that is being taught. This though does NOT mean you are mentally handicapped in any way. Although our country wishes for us all to be considered equal, we are not. So far there are 7 different "ways of learning" that have been found.

And yet for some reason our country still gives out tests that are all the same, all of which are aimed for testing people to see if they are as intelligent as someone else. IQ tests do not prove anything though... and they are starting to fall into disfavor with Colleges. I though highly doubt that we are going to hear the last of these... different ways of learning. Our brains are constantly adapting to the new developments that are occuring throughout the world, and right now we ARE evolving.. slowly but surely we will learn new ways to.. well learn. But if this is true then that means that our government is acting... stupid? Oh my... this is shocking is it not?

I recommend though that the next time you're feeling stupid, since you can't understand how others understand something... realize that you are not alone, and you can also understand that thing. How I can not truly relate, but they have schools which are for "gifted" students, but they are normal people who are being taught how to learn their way... not the governments way.

Besides that our government has proven it is quite handicapped, since big business itself is what started up the whole requirements for school and so on and so forth. Fail to understand that? Well you see big business wanted to make sure that schools were teaching kids the "right stuff", so they pretty much paid the government money to do what they wanted them to do. This has been acknowledged slighlty before... but also just look at how school is set up. The desks are in rows... just like how desks would be in big business way back when... plus ever notice how you have to follow the teachers own rules... and follow whatever they say? Just like what happens in the places where you will "work".

Yes I know this probably doesn't belong here... but just remember this simple question... what is philosophy?
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Old 05-26-01   #2
The King Douche
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SilentShade will become famous soon enoughSilentShade will become famous soon enough
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ummmmmmmmmm... OK then... err sure..

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Old 05-26-01   #3
Lord Of Dragons
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I think your threat was too long..some interesting stuff in it but still too long...
*Deus Et Natura No Faciunt Frusta*

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Old 05-27-01   #4
Grand Master Geek
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Okay then...

Your post seemed a bit disjointed, but I did get the general gist of it. I can't say you're completely off base, but I don't think the entire blame of miseducation lies with the goverment. I've seen several examples of "alternate education", and for the most part, they don't work worth a shit.

Your last question should fit in just fine here. This is the "Religion & Philosophy" forum, after all.

Translated, the word philosophy means "love of wisdom".

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Old 05-27-01   #5
Embracer Of The Dark
*Gorgon_Medusa*'s Avatar
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i completely understand and agree.
~The Gorgon Medusa has spoken.

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Old 05-27-01   #6
Dark Messiah
Half-Wit Intellectual
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I think the initial statement was a bit presumptious, as there are quite a number of people who think along these lines. Your main point was valid, though I think there's more to it than that.
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Old 05-27-01   #7
Elder God of Sith Kittens
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Think of it as a process, of which a big, stupid giant is rumbling along in the jungle of the US, weeding out what it doesn't like. The good little plants will thrive in the system, while the bad little plants will be discarded. That doesn't mean there is no hope for the bad little plants... they can still take root somewhere else, flourish in their own ways of learning, and one day grow up to be a beautiful Venus fly trap that will bite that giant in the ass next time it comes around.

"Life is suffering."

"Deal with it."
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Old 06-13-01   #8
Acacia Catt
Lurks in the Shadows
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Acacia Catt
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nice comparison, but the santuaries of bad little plants are rapidly becoming scarce.
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Old 06-13-01   #9
fagboy #3
fagboy #3's Avatar
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it is called rationalization. the government is responsible for teaching the youths of a nation. thousands and thousands and thousands. because of this the government must learn to be efficient. if it can sacrifice the ones that fail to learn in the governments tailored way but save years and amazing amounts of money while keeping the majority, it will do so. it's efficient, it's productive, and it creates social classes and inequality, which democracy needs.
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Old 07-05-01   #10
Lurks in the Shadows
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Also, not sure if this is relevant. The quality of education is not only the government's fault. Anyone who has attended public school knows that in the classroom, a teacher who has maybe 40 minuets to teach spends 30 minuets of that time trying to police the classroom, and maybe 10 mins actually teaching anything.

As for IQ tests. Even if you find out the capacity to learn and for brilliance is great, that doesn't mean it's always used.
"Those who dream by night, in the dusty recess of their minds awake to find all was just Vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, and make them happen. " -Skylash

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