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Originally Posted by fleamailman View Post
("...nah, I dare say that I wouldn't want you to edit my post either..." replied the goblin, explaining "...no, instead one edits one's own posts in their reposting each time, but it's funny that although you have all elsewhere on this forum to post to Lenina, yet here you are posting back to me each time, I mean I don't mind your company, take the back seat then, enjoy the view if you like...", and with that the goblin drove on with a shorter post to cater for the special reading requirements of posters like Sik Simon now)

repost from elsewhere

"...not quite..." replied the goblin, adding "...I think I was meaning that society socializes where it can, and institutionalizes where it can't, thus people wind up in prisons for their wrong doing, or in mental homes for their disfunctionality, or in hospitals for their afflictions or finally in merlin's caves for their old age, well all those type institutions then, simply one is either socialized, or institutionalized depending on whether one fits in or not..."

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("...up to you what you edit on forumland Lenina, or whether you just post and discard each time instead..." replied the goblin, adding "...simply, you're keeping me company here, but remember that these years will pass and all that you'll have to show for your being of forumland is what you posted away, and how it grew your ability to do so too, just it seems that we're in the same boat with a very different approach to being here now, that's all...")

repost from elsewhere, written in an odd moment

"...just let me die before my children do and thus I will feel that I have lived and died as someone happy then..." voiced the goblin in his vanity still, where of course it was never a foregone conclusion as to who or when then, for no one ever had any more life than anyone else, and where always a certain complacency and false logic distorted the issue with such hollow distractions such as both fame and fortune are, while all along instead the true value of writing was just there overlooked, the truth that went that what you write writes you back and that slowly you become within that which you have posted without, smiling "...simply I live on because it seems my soul in not ready for whatever comes next for all my conjecture now, where writing exacts my thoughts to me here quite in the face of all my aspirations otherwise..."


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Monkeys fling poo.

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Monkeys fling poo.
("...well yes, but then they slowly evolve into you humans by the looks of things, where they live sedated nine to five lives conforming to the dictates of the humanity around them, and where somewhere inside them still is that urge to fling poo at everything..." replied the goblin faced with the choice of being surrounded by docile humans or by poo flinging monkeys, saying "...well I'm very agile so I guess I'd rather be posting with the true to type monkeys here, than conforming to those writing standards elsewhere...")

repost from elsewhere, new, and still in a mess too

"...stand and deliver, your money or your life now goblin, yes, those were the days then weren't they, such excitement too, can't see why it had to end like this..." went the highwayman's ghost with a smile chatting to the goblin in the back of his mind now, and how indeed those times seem changed today, whereupon the goblin smiled back, admitting "...yes you're right, yet it's more end-user friendly even if it's a bit boring now that they decriminalize daylight robbery but at least you don't go hung for it anymore either, so there's that then, and the victim gets to think that they have some choice about it..." replied the goblin continuing "...no today you merely have to politely ask your victim if they would like to hold either treasury bonds at 1.4% returns upon three years maturity, or german euro bonds at 0% return at three years again, or conversely whether they would like to calmly watch the pending bank-runs of their bank deposits instead, I mean it's little wonder then why the bond market is at 300 year high today paying nothing for it, I mean at least one does get the money back minus government decided inflation, so think of it not so much as stand and deliver but more as a wholesome introduction to the present day financial practices I suppose, just legalized crime then where the robber, in collusion with the inflationary practices of the government, simply guards your money for you lending it back on the government...", "...nah, still think stand and deliver is more straight forward and honest goblin, even if admittedly now that you've put it that way stand and deliver does seem somewhat crude and minuscule by comparison then..." voiced the highwayman quickly hanging his pistols for a job in the financial sector now


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