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Attention Halloween Safety!

These sites have some good halloween safety tips:

Below are just a few common sense tips that can help:
* Know the route your kids will be taking if you aren't going with them.

* The best bet is to make sure that an adult is going with them. If you can't take them, see if another parent or a teen aged sibling can go along.

* Know what other activities a child may be attending, such as parties, school or mall functions.

* Make sure you set a time that they should be home by. Make sure they know how important it is for them to be home on time.

* Explain to children the difference between tricks and vandalism. Throwing eggs at a house may seem like fun but they need to know the other side of the coin as well, clean up and damages can ruin Halloween. If they are caught vandalizing, make them clean up the mess they've made.

* Explain to your kids that animal cruelty is not acceptable. Kids may know this on their own but peer pressure can be a bad thing. Make sure that they know that harming animals is not only morally wrong but punishable by law and will not be tolerated.
# Carry a flashlight
# Walk, don't run.
# Stay on Sidewalks
# Obey traffic signals
# Stay in familiar neighborhoods
# Don't cut across yards or driveways.
# Wear a watch you can read in the dark.
# Make sure costumes don't drag on the ground.
# Shoes should fit (even if they don't go with your costume)
# Avoid wearing masks while walking from house to house.
# Carry only flexible knives, swords or other props.
# (If no sidewalk) walk on the left side of the road facing traffic
# Wear clothing with reflective markings or tape.
# Approach only houses that are lit.
# Stay away from and don't pet animals you don't know.

# Make your child eat dinner before setting out.
# Children should carry quarters so they can call home.
# Ideally, young children of any age should be accompanied by an adult.
# If your children go on their own, be sure they wear a watch, preferably one that can be read in the dark.
# If you buy a costume, look for one made of flame-retardant material.
# Older children should know where to reach you and when to be home.
# You should know where they're going.
# Although tampering is rare, tell children to bring the candy home to be inspected before consuming anything.
# Look at the wrapping carefully and toss out anything that looks suspect.
# Make sure your yard is clear of such things as ladders, hoses, dog leashes and flower pots that can trip the young ones.
# Pets get frightened on Halloween. Put them up to protect them from cars or inadvertently bitting a trick-or-treater.
# Battery powered jack o'lantern candles are preferable to a real flame.
# If you do use candles, place the pumpkin well away from where trick-or-treaters will be walking or standing.
# Make sure paper or cloth yard decorations won't be blown into a flaming candle.
# Healthy food alternatives for trick-or-treaters include packages of low-fat crackers with cheese or peanut butter filling, single-serve boxes of cereal, packaged fruit rolls, mini boxes of raisins and single-serve packets of low-fat popcorn that can be microwaved later.
# Non-food treats: plastic rings, pencils, stickers, erasers, coins.


The National Safety Council urges motorists to be especially alert on Halloween.

* Watch for children darting out from between parked cars.
* Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs.
* Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully.
* At twilight and later in the evening, watch for children in dark clothing.


Before children start out on their "trick or treat" rounds, parents should:

* Make sure that an adult or an older responsible youth will be supervising the outing for children under age 12.
* Plan and discuss the route trick-or-treaters intend to follow. Know the names of older children's companions.
* Instruct your children to travel only in familiar areas and along an established route.
* Teach your children to stop only at houses or apartment buildings that are well-lit and never to enter a stranger's home.
* Establish a return time.
* Tell your youngsters not to eat any treat until they return home.
* Review all appropriate trick-or-treat safety precautions, including pedestrian/traffic safety rules.
* Pin a slip of paper with the child's name, address and phone number inside a pocket in case the youngster gets separated from the group.

Costume Design

* Only fire-retardant materials should be used for costumes.
* Costumes should be loose so warm clothes can be worn underneath.
* Costumes should not be so long that they are a tripping hazard. (Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injuries on Halloween.)
* If children are allowed out after dark, outfits should be made with light colored materials. Strips of retroreflective tape should be used to make children visible.

Face Design

* Masks can obstruct a child's vision. Use facial make-up instead.
* When buying special Halloween makeup, check for packages containing ingredients that are labeled "Made with U.S. Approved Color Additives," "Laboratory Tested," Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics," or "Non-Toxic." Follow manufacturer's instruction for application.
* If masks are worn, they should have nose and mouth openings and large eye holes.


* Knives, swords and other accessories should be made from cardboard or flexible materials. Do not allow children to carry sharp objects.
* Bags or sacks carried by youngsters should be light-colored or trimmed with retro-reflective tape if children are allowed out after dark.
* Carrying flashlights will help children see better and be seen more clearly.

On the way

Children should understand and follow these rules:

* Do not enter homes or apartments without adult supervision.
* Walk, do not run, from house to house. Do not cross yards and lawns where unseen objects or the uneven terrain can present tripping hazards.
* Walk on sidewalks, not in the street.
* Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic if there are no sidewalks.


To ensure a safe trick-or-treat outing, parents are urged to:

* Give children an early meal before going out.
* Insist that treats be brought home for inspection before anything is eaten.
* Wash fruit and slice into small pieces.
* When in doubt, throw it out.
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Billy the Kidd
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What a bunch of pussy rules...

Walk, don't run.
Don't cut across yards or driveways.
Shoes should fit (even if they don't go with your costume)
Avoid wearing masks while walking from house to house.
Wear clothing with reflective markings or tape.

in other words, dont bother going, just stay home and wear your rubber helmet.

Did the choads who wrote this shit even know any children? kids run and jummp and screen and cut across lawns on halloween. Its what they do. THe point of thier costume isnt to have fuckin bike reflectors on it and have your two mommies try every single piece of candy before you take a fucking bite. WHat the fuck why is the world becomming so lame and organized. Growing up the best shit about halloween was that there were no rules other than knocking on doors and people giving you stuff. THATS IT.
Tolerance is a virtue of a dying civilzation. Aristotle
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I know there's a lot of stupid parents out there, but really....feeding them dinner and making sure their masks don't suffocate them them are pretty basic things even I manage to do.

But then on the other hand, while making sure they have no fun at all, there's this piece of stupidity-

* Pin a slip of paper with the child's name, address and phone number inside a pocket in case the youngster gets separated from the group.
If a child doesn't know it's name and address or is likely to get seperated, why the hell would you let them out with other kids or alone??!!

So we need to cut up fruit for children and make sure they don't trip over flower pots, but a piece of paper with their details suffices when it comes to letting them loose on the streets??

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