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Old 08-10-07   #1
New Blood
Xeper's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: The Scarlet Garden
Posts: 8
Xeper is on a distinguished road
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Your Personal Quirks

All of you have some, I suspect.

Let's see...

1) I cannot sleep without a fan blowing.
2) I cannot sleep with the closet or room door open.
I cannot use a restroom stall that has a vent above it.
4) I cannot use the bathroom unless the shower curtains are closed.
5) I hate to see people bend notebook paper up.
6) I hate for different foods on my plate to touch. Ugh. Soggy bread is the worst.
7) I gag on water. I can't stand it (UNLESS there's a touch of lemon in it).
8) I MUST sleep on a flat surface. Pillows bother me.


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Old 08-13-07   #2
DarkSoul's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Perth, WA
Posts: 1,397
DarkSoul is on a distinguished road
Credits: 18,996
1) need music playing to fall asleep
2) walk around naked when no flatmates home.. (been caught twice)
like to go jogging in the rain...
4) if lots of different food on plate i eat one food at a time..
Fear is fake, it was created by humans and serves us no purpose...

The dead travel quickly.....

I wish my grass was an Emo, then it would cut itself.
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Old 08-21-07   #3
Face in the Mist
MedusaMadonna's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Pataskala, Ohio. [.:::.]
Posts: 29
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1.) Can't sleep without music playing.
2.) I don't drink water.
3.) I cannot use a PortaPotty.
4.) Toilet paper with the paper coming from the underside annoys the hell out of me.
5.) Can't sleep with the door open.
6.) Can't sleep with any part of me hanging over the edge of the bed (due to seeing a certain scary movie at a young age.)
7.) I refuse to use paper that has been bent, scribbled on, or otherwise altered.
8.) All of my writing must have perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
9.) Flashing orange things in my start bar drive me crazy.
10.) I absolutely loathe odd numbers, usually resulting in things such as this where I couldn't come up with another quirk, and therefore added this to make it 10 rather than 9.

And I'm sure there'd be more if I wasn't so damn tired.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
--Mahatma Ghandi
Start a revolution: Stop hating your body.
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Old 08-21-07   #4
BlyssfulStorm's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Elkins Park...Cheltenham...Philly?
Posts: 3,255
BlyssfulStorm is an unknown quantity at this point
Credits: 65,457
1.) Due to living on a main street my whole life, I need some sort of white noise in the background. Cars, radio, rain...
2.) I don't like my legs exposed. Feels weird. Thus I don't own any short, pants or skirts above the ankle. Anything else is underskirts and boxers that I never wear outside my bedroom.
3.) I am infamously clumbsy so I walk looking down. Not to avoid eye contact, but to watch my feet and where I'm going.
4.) I have no concept of time, so I set a timer for everything I do. Reading, writing, cleaning, watching tv... I lose track easily.
5.) I love water. The rest of you are freaks.
6.) I sleep on my stomuch or my side with a pillow between my legs. (Good for the back)
7.) I'm startled easily. I could know I'm going to be poked, see the hand coming toward me and I'll STILL jump.
8.) I tug my ear when I'm thinking.
9.) I read any and everything. But can never remember all I read.
10.) I don't call people. I just don't. If I do, somethings on fire.
11.) Gray rainy days make me perky. Sunny days tire me out.
12.) I lose train of thought ease, but singing to myself helps me concentrate.
13.) I like fountain drinks.
a.) I enjoy watered down, but not flat soda.
14.) I like sour over sweet. Spicy over mild.
15.) I'm a gay magnet.

And a lot of other things.
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! So, fuck it.
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Old 08-21-07   #5
New Blood
Sebastiana's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: In my own personal hell....Oh; you mean state? Texas, though I was born and raised in California.
Posts: 5
Sebastiana is on a distinguished road
Credits: 1,485
1) I generally forget capitalization in my typing, but get most punctuation marks in there, and i have to make sure i dont misspell anything
2)I have a fascination with popping zits, pimples, and blackheads. (totally gross, i know, but i love it)
i have cleaning O.C.D.; once i start cleaning, i can't seem to stop till i need to eat.
4)EVERYTHING needs to be organized in my apartment
5) its hard for me to stay asleep without my mate in bed with me...if he isn't there, then i will get up and find him.....dragging him back to bed with me till i fall asleep.
6) i don't call people unless i am REALLY bored out of my mind....but then they tell me they will call back and never do.

there are more, but i will have to ask my mate to list them for me
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Old 09-13-07   #6
Oompa Loompa
WhiteCord's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Washington, DC
Posts: 59
WhiteCord is on a distinguished road
Credits: 2,365
Basically the same as Sebastia.

i also hate getting voicemails. Cell phones have caller ID so just text me if it's that important and I haven't answered the phone

I hate when people ask if i'm okay. If you have to ask I won't tell you, and if I haven't told you already then i don't want you to know

I have to have all closet doors, bathroom doors, and dresses closed at all times when they arent in use
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Old 09-13-07   #7
Post Paint Boy
New Blood
Post Paint Boy's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 7
Post Paint Boy is on a distinguished road
Credits: 1,587
1.) I have a weird habit of highlighting text on the computer, trying to line up the highlighted bars.
2.) Same as Sebastiana, I find popping zits/pimples so very satisfying.
3.) I am an extreme perfectionist, if the project is for someone else. For me, everything is 'good enough'.
4.) All my CDs in my main shelf unit must be alphabetical. If they are not, it bothers the hell out of me.
5.) Small cracks of light (ie, through doors) when I'm trying to sleep bother the hell out of me.
6.) Anything that can be aligned, I will usually make sure it is so.
7.) I need some sort of low volumed sound (usually ambient music) in order to fall asleep.
Hungry bread and butter hustle
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Old 09-13-07   #8
Biggest Dick Contest Winner
Manifesto's Avatar
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Ohio
Posts: 4,621
Manifesto is on a distinguished road
Credits: 95,982
1. I cant sleep unless I know where everyone in the house is, all doors & windows are locked, and I have verified that all weapons are in appropriate places and conditions.

2. I cant listen to bad music in other ppls cars - I have yelled at people for listening to bad music when im in their car with them. the shit drives me nuts, especially emo and country.

3. I HATE calling anyone I dont know - pizza, taxi, etc.

4. I cry everytime I hear "Nutshell" by alice in chains - i know thats gay, but it doesnt matter what mood I am in. I start balling like a baby.

5. I dont like the sound of packing peanuts or the sound of silverware scraping on china

6. I have to walk in back of people - not in front. I will stop and wait for them to pass if someone comes walking from behind me.

7. I wont go in a door if someone is coming behind me, I stop and open the door for them. not out of politeness tho, out of paranoia.

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Old 09-18-07   #9
Sik Simon
Ate God
Sik Simon's Avatar
Join Date: May 2007
Location: The hood, US
Posts: 17,808
Sik Simon is on a distinguished road
Credits: 26,977
1.) Before I answer the phone I push my nose
2.) Whenever I see a tree I am compelled to bounce kick off of it
3.) When I am driving I have to win
4.) After every meal I have to have a glass of soda or beer
5.) If you cut me off while I'm driving I will start laughing and speeding towards you
6.) If there is a zit on my body it must be destroyed, I squeeze out the pus, the plasma, the blood, the dirt, then I rip the infected flesh from my body. The same goes for blackheads.
7.) Don't look at me unless I know you, or I will stare at you psychotically.
8.) Don't cut in front of me at the checkout line in the store, male or female, or I will sit there and say things aloud like "Fucking bastard piece of shit, I should chuck this bottle of mountain dew at you, ass gobbling whorebanger."
9.) Whenever I hear a gunshot I duck and dodge, even if it sounds a half a mile a way
10.) Whenever I see a cop I spit on the ground and say 'fucking cops' as loud as I can
11.) Whenever I am in the checkout line at the store I have to win
12.) Whenever I think of coricidan I gag, I cannot drink arizona green tea because that's what i'd often take it with
13.) I fucking hate dogs, if a dog starts to bark at me I take it as a threat and start beating it's fucking ass, i've even been to jail for it. I'm a cat person.
14.) When I'm on my bicycle I have to win, don't fuck with me
15.) If I don't know you don't touch my ass on purpose or I will backhand you
16.) Even if I do know you don't touch me unless it's a hug or a kiss because it will make me uncomfortable and I will react irrationally.
17.) Don't ever fuck with my sister or my cat, or I will stab you in the face with a ball-point pen. My sister and my cat are the only two things I care about in this world.
18.) Whenever I drink liquor, I gag on the first two shots, then I can swig coffee cups full of tequila like it's koolaid
19.) Whenever I drink liquor, I will start a fight with my best friend for no reason, and not apologize
20.) Don't touch me when I'm drunk or we will throw down, male or female
21.) When I'm drunk I have to win, so don't get in my way
I seriously can't sit here and tell you everything I have to take a crap.
*Saunters by with a devil-may-care look in my eye.
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Old 09-18-07   #10
Crypt's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Canada
Posts: 9,302
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1. I have to use a stall in a public washroom.
2. I do not like to be touched.
3. I get violent when I am tickled.
4. I cannot fall asleep why laying on my back.
5. I have to clean to ear piece of the phone before I use it.
6. I can't stand the sound of people's lips smacking when they eat.
7. I don't like people staring and can get violent from it.
8. My ideas of dreams are most peoples ideas of nightmares and vice versa
9. I get bored of doing stuff...but can do nothing for hours.
10. My books and CD's have to be alphabetized and dated numerically if more then 1 in series or author/musician
11. When I eat apples or pears I eat everything, seeds, core...
12. My books have to be in pristine condition.

if i think of anymore...
You can look at it as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of human life, or just chalk it up to my being a sick, bloodthirsty monster. Either way, it's all the same.

I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person

" It is easier to write words on water then to try to use argument on a christian"
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Old 09-21-07   #11
Oompa Loompa
WhiteCord's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Washington, DC
Posts: 59
WhiteCord is on a distinguished road
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i can't stand people chewing gum near me...it makes my skin crawl
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Old 10-11-07   #12
Face in the Mist
Ishtarx's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 33
Ishtarx is on a distinguished road
Credits: 2,191
I can't stand it when people keep whistling. And I can't sleep if the door is open.
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