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Reload this Page lemme tell ya why i hate dogs
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lemme tell ya why i hate dogs

as if you actually care, as if this thread is anything more than a waste of your time, i'd like to tell you why i hate dogs...

i've always been a cat person, and peeps have asked me why i hate dogs so.....now, i'll admit that there are some rather kool fuckin' dogs out there, but generally speakin', i hate them all......it might have sumtin' to do with the fact that when i was four, a german shephard decided to use my face as a chew toy and ripped my lip off; nonetheless, my family has had many dogs, and frankly, this thread is about my dog Cubby (stupid name huh?)....

so Cubby's a mut, and he's older than shit.....like 14 yrs old or sumtin', but still very much energetic and annoying......he spends 90% of his day barkin' at leaves and cars and bugs and cats and the wind and at his tail and for the mere enjoyment of barkin'....quite annoyin'......yet, tonite, i was on the phone with a certain special someone when my dog indicated to me that he had to go outside....so i opened the door, and he ran off.....now, he does this once every so many months, and i don't blame him, he is a dog, but tonite it really pissed me off.....i had to end a conversation i was enjoyin' so i could chase my dog, and it was 1:30 in the mornin', and i can't see in the dark......and i was very tired to-boot, hopin' to get a good night sleep so i could go to a book fair this mornin', but i couldn't just leave my dog outside.....so i watched some t.v. and periodically walked outside screamin' my dogs name into the chilly night air.....but to no avail.....

long story short, and i apologize to anyone who actually sat here and read this shit, my dog finally came back to me at 6:30 in the mornin'......he was very timid to approach me, as he should've been.....i busted his ass with a good one, but what does he do? mother fucker growls at me......ooooh!!!!!!! that pissed me off....one thing i won't tolerate is my dog growlin' at me or at anyone for that matter.....so i busted his ass again, grabbed him by his collar got in his face, screamin' at him, mildly hopin' he would snap at me so i could fuckin' kill him.....but he didn't, which is good, 'cuz i do luv the goddamn mut and don't actually wanna kill him, but i made him go into his cage where he now sits........i love him, i do, he's the family pet; but i wonder, is it wrong to long for the day you'll no longer have your family dog?
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