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Old 04-22-02   #1
Unstained's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2001
Posts: 376
Credits: 21,809
Hello there Xulmios,

I have something I would like for you to try.

Just type these words down in your next post for me if you don't mind:

"I claim and accept the blood of Jesus Christ over my mind, my heart and my body"

"I claim and accept the blood of Jesus Christ to protect me from any evil that would seek to cause me to deceive others and myself."

"I claim and accept the blood of Jesus Christ over all powers that would influence me to do the will of the Evil One."

"I ask that any and all influences that seek to cause confusion and deception within me be bound by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ."

You will do this won't you? I can't see why not since you believe Jesus Christ is dead. And please don't copy and paste what I have written. Read it aloud and type them with your own fingers.
Just for me. PLEASE?

If you elect NOT to do this excercize, please explain the reason as to why. Thank you very much.
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Old 05-15-02   #2
Unstained's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2001
Posts: 376
Credits: 21,809
Young Dyshade "monkey",

In your personal attack against me, it should by duly noted that in my previous post your name was no where to be found. I did not address your by your name as per your request.

If you desire to continue your confession and admittal as you did in this your last post to me, I will consider it.

However, arrogance filled youthful minds blinded by intolerance and hate towards others of differing opinions and personalities begats regret upon later reflection. The mindless and powerless threats you believe you hold against me for whatever reason only sway the childishness in your heart to further feed your torn and stolen ego.

You will die a sad, angry, confused and hate filled male. But most of all, your will be never understanding by choice. Your past has made you what you are today. You have become weak in what you see as your strenghth. Your desire to be powerful due to the fact you were powerless in your youth continues to shorten your lifespan and shall forever keep you from attaining your goal of becoming a man.

In your anger, you only reveal how weak you are. Your status in life is not what your childhood dreams envisioned. You are now just a shell. You will never gain the role you so earnestly seeked to gain due to your ignorant mind.

I am not invading this thread. I am here. The Tenth Demon is here. His time is at hand. He can only run from the confessions and hide behind his Gatekeeper for so long. His Gatekeeper is utterly powerless to defend him from the decree.

Your threat to start a war is against the rules of the site and you know that. What you don't know however, is that in your ignorance the things you claim to believe about that which you speak, you cannot understand. You speak from a heart full of blind rage and cannot even discern the matter you try to explain.

I go by no other names on this site. In your rage you have free will to seek out that which confuses you. You have my blessings in your quest.

Until then, stand aside.

The Tenth Demon's time is at hand. His cowardly deception cannot prevent the statements from being confessed.

He knows it.

He knows why he is afraid.
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Old 06-17-02   #3
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Cave
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Vallisk is on a distinguished road
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This thread is for the sole purpose of storing unsuitable posts made by Unstained. If it becomes too large, it will be moved, and another storage thread created.
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