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New Blood
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here ya go

I do think that there is a God and I do believe in him, however I agree with the person that said that why would someone make this world considering the way that it is.. the person didn't say those exact words but you know what I mean.. I have many questions concerning God but I do believe in him as of now. I think somethings that the Blible says aren't true and hey most of it could be fiction. Another person I agree with is the one that said that there is a higher power but Christianity might not be the only way to go! I just think that God is someone that doesn't truly love us as some people claim that he does!
**I know the pieces fit.. I watched them tumble down**
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Feared by the Devil
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blueboy is on a distinguished road
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hey this syndrome progresses. if you honestly think about it in the future. your going to get to the end and realize you only believe god is there because it scares you to believe otherwise.
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Face in the Mist
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people believe in god coz they are scared of death

if you want something very bad, u dream of it...its fiction...dreams are most of the time fiction.

same with god...people wanted a god, a person they could look up to, a person that is all knowing, which u can tell your stories and feelings to, which u can share ideas and would always support you, which is caring, which is all loving...they invented god...it would also explain all the phenomenon in the world...people start to hallucinate...that theyve seen god...or jesus...or mary...the holy ghost or whatever...they realy believe in him...just like in a dream...

its all that and nottin more...

but thats just my opinion

dont ignore it...consider it
"oh we've spared no pain and we've spared no dough
and we've dug at secrets of long ago
and we've risen to heaven and plunged below
for we wanted to make it one hell of a show"
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bite me and choke...
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Location: as a non-Christian, apparently it's partly my fault the World Trade Center Towers/Pentagon got crashed into. I apologize. never meant for my heathen ways to do THAT...
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if you're telling her not to shut off her mind to the possiblility of there being NO god, you shouldn't shut yourselves off to the possiblity of there actually BEING a God. there's both, at least to me. but what bothers me most isn't this there is or isn't. sometimes what bothers me most are the enormous POSSIBILITIES...just think of it. anything.

it scares me too.

and there's nothing wrong with that.
I guess it just got cold in here.

It comes full circle.
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Old 07-22-01   #5
~:fAllen sTar :~
The Almighty Dark Star
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~:fAllen sTar :~
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i belive in god and its not because im afraid to belive otherwise its because it makes the most sense to me. Many times i belive its just easier to say yeh i dont belive and think when we die thats it...Its alot easier to just say screw it then to accept a religion that many try to disprove..and then to still belive that religion...its hard...
also dreams are not fiction...dreams are visual poetry your mind creates, and liek poems they have hidden meanings. If you take the time to unlock thos emeanigns you can find alot out about yourself....
~:fAllen sTar:~

"one does not apreciate bliss until theyve known pain, and one does not know pain until theyve experienced bliss"
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Old 07-23-01   #6
bane_whorrore's Avatar
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christianity is biggoted branwashing. they teach you to be meek and at thier mercy then they can fuck you with cesoreships and rules regulations a steriotype the fuck out of you and your only reply will be but its gods will They use the fear of hell to make you believe but why be affraid of hell. You become used to all pain that happens alot iam shure I would be bored by the end of eternity if thier was a down their(hell)

Iam not targeting any one person by my use of the word you its just habbit
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Old 07-23-01   #7
Servant of Jesus Christ
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I am just wondering here, but what is your background? You definately seem to have a HUGE amount of anger you are hanging on to. I would love to know who or what represented such a threat to you and why you saw it that way.

I apologize if I offended you by my questions. I am just very curious in what made you the person you seem to be today.

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Face in the Mist
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Originally posted by blueboy
hey this syndrome progresses. if you honestly think about it in the future. your going to get to the end and realize you only believe god is there because it scares you to believe otherwise.
It's exactly the opposite for me. If I didn't believe in the existence of higher beings then I would be a lot less scared. I ascribe to the older types of Gods, Gods you tried to please because otherwise they called down lightning or fire or an earthquake to demolish you town. Its far easier and less scary to say there isn't a God. If you believe that, then it ends, no more needs to be said. In my opinion, the idea of a being or beings with phenomenal power, power we can't really comprehend, is a truly scary idea. At the risk of being blasphemous, some days I wish they didn't exist at all, life would be far easier.
"Yeah, I'm introverted and anti-social,
but I need people all the time, but
that's just me - a purist and a duelist
and all confused on the inside, but not
as confused as you, I'm sure."
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