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Reload this Page Mini-ehtnography - satirical - HELP?
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Serious Mini-ehtnography - satirical - HELP?

I hope this is allowed but I'm currently doing a mini-ehtnography on the goth community (for university) and seeing as I am a part of it (i'm in Toronto), I want to make it highly satirical, nothing serious but moreso common misconceptions, stereotypes etc. You know the stuff, you probably hear it every day as do I.

In any case, I still need outside points of view and opinions so it would be interesting to see what you think. Here are some guidelines:

-style of dress
-ritualistic behaviour in different places (on the street, clubs, with friends, etc)
-attitudes towards 'outsiders', be it preppy, country, whatever you may personally consider as not belonging in the community or something that the entire community views that way
-codes of behaviour (accepted/not tolerated)
-music, movies, cultural aspects

Remember, my paper may be satirical but I want serious responses as well, any community has a "way of life", right? Whether real or imagined or pretencious or 'authentic'.

Any help would be appreciated!

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OK - as you asked nicely. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but I'll give it a go:

"style of dress"

Anything black, sometimes with a hint of colour - maybe purple, red, or blue - but never yellow or orange (green is debateable) Guess it depends on what genre of goth you're into though. Personally, I prefer traditional - but Cyber is ok..

"ritualistic behaviour in different places (on the street, clubs, with friends, etc)"

I'm a goth, deal with it. If you don't like it - it's your problem, not mine. Don't really have any ritualistic behaviour as such (I don't sacrifice goats or anything, and yes, I was asked that once)

"attitudes towards 'outsiders'"

I don't see myself as an outsider, but I think other people (mainstream?) might. I find it highly amusing when the tables are turned and a group of 'trendies' walk into a goth club. Naturally they tend to look around, look shocked, and walk out. I have friends from all walks of life though, I don't judge them, they don't judge me. I think it's all about appearances. Once you get to know somebody, you see past the appearance. I fucking hate Chavs though.

"codes of behaviour (accepted/not tolerated)"

I pretty much accept anybody as they are regardless of dress code/ beliefs / taste in music. What I don't like are people who think they have the right to ridicule others because of this - but again, that's society in general, it's not just relative to Gothicism.

"music, movies, cultural aspects"

Typically? Anything dark - examples might be Sisters of Mercy, Marilyn Manson blah blah blah, Movies - Interview with the Vampire, The Crow Blah Blah Blah, Cultural - I think I answered that with the previous questions. In reality, I like that genre of music, I also like cheesey metal and a good boogie. With regard to films, yea, I like those I mentioned, but I'm also an avid Disney fan.

Not sure if that helped at all, but I hope so.

Also, you'd better bloody well make more than one post here or I'm going to fall out with you
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