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character description: aeon

In the original day, Lost was a set of brothers, one of chaos and one of power. Upon finding a very old book, the two of them were formed into Lost. BUt the two of them were never happy with the union. They agreed there should be a union yet they never agreeded on the terms. The Lost of Power generally had most of the control, using the Lost of Magic to do his will. The two would occasionally split, usually after drawing on some very bad energy or a massive problem, or the worst place possible. the two would fight, usually the power Lost would win and they would go about there business as normal.

but what if they finally came to anagreement on the matter and formed the perfect union of power and chaos. Magic and strength now equal in one.

heigth: about 6'8
age: can't tell
eyes: black/blue swirls, like a spiral galaxy
hair: black
look: muscular yet lean. he deffiantly has some power on him, but he's not so big he has to worry about standing out

description: Lose balck clothing sticks to him. The pants are like those of the arabians. Imagine Mc hammer pants but practical and a flat black, the excact color of the night around him. His shirt is the same, lose yet on him. He wears a cape that flows out behind him. Think vampire hunter d with out any of the trim or color. his head is wrapped up in the same black, almost a ninja like mask, but not as skin tight. His hands are covered in black gloves, each inscribed with a language no one knows this day, and very few ever learned. He carries no weapons and his only defense is his hands.

He never will intitate an attack unless it is to stop some great evil. Killing a man in front of him will not invoke this. Killing twenty will. He has strength but is completly humble about it. His magic can virtually effect all things in reality. He can't help mass amounts of people, but he can heal. He can move in and out of the constraints of reality, seemingly moving as fast as he needs by slowing down time. He can stop gravity from working for a period. Anything some one truely believes in he can't effect. Soildfying reality he killer to him doing magic.

basically imagine Lost with intelligence.


he can control simple laws of space and time, with some reaching into the spirtual laws.

he cannot control anything of your mind. he cannot make you stay alive or do anything, and any thing you think will happen, and you actually believe it enough he can not touch.
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