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Neena's Honest advice....

Okay so I decided to make this thread because I was reading through some of the threads you guys made and wondered “What the hell are you people thinking?” Now, Mods, do not move this because like all of you said, everyone is entitled to their opinon and this will be my opinion and advice on subjects people chose to post here… What sets it aside from the other threads, like “Ask Tiggs” is because my advice is not sugar coated bullshit. You all know me as the person who speaks her mind and well… I do so if anyone has a problem and wants an HONEST answer and something that isn’t “Well honey, work it out and you are a good person”…. Etc, etc… Then post it here, I will tell you like it is and you may hate me for it and think I’m wrong but you know what? It won’t be sugar coated crap and I won’t take pitty on someone… I figure that this thread will give you a new perspective to work on… It Maybe “Tough love” or you may think that I am being a dickhole but this advice isn’t to console you or make you feel like you are worthless either… Its to actually give you a new way to look at things… If you don’t want to hear it from me… Then you obviously wanting to post here for sympathy… Its not a thread you can vent on, it’s a thread where you have the chance to grab some REAL advice from someone who WON’T give you a pitty party….

Anyway I’m going to start with an ongoing issue that a buddy of mine came to me with last week and I am going to tell you what advice I gave to him just so you people get a feel for what I am about….

My buddy is gay, he often comes to me for advice on clothes and makeup etc… Just because he thinks (in his words) that I’m “Stylin’”.

He came to me last week because he came out of the closet and told his parents that he is gay… His dad kicked him out out and his mother was apparently heartbroken etc etc… Then, his parents kept calling him at his boyfriends and telling him that he can come home once he finds a GIRLFRIEND because they said that he really isn’t gay and he is just doing it for attention… He was pretty hurt… He cried to me, he was angry at them and he was just plain upset about what had happened to him…

I told him to suck it up and get on with life… If they were any kind of parents, they would accept him for who he is, regardless of his sexual preference (note that my buddy is 29 years old here..) I told him that it was high time he moved out of his parents home anyway and that they deserve to be blocked out of his life because he is a great guy and if they think that him being gay changes him in any way then they need to fuck off and leave him alone. Yeah its easier said than done, its hard when your parents disown you for something so trivial as that but I told him that if he wanted to get anywhere in his life with his boyfriend, that he must learn that people are going to hate him for being gay… It’s a given that others just don’t care which way he swings but people that care about him, DO NOT act this way because regardless, he is still the person he was before he told them he was gay. I told him to change the phone number and get on with life…. Also I told him that his parents need him more than he needs them and that they will either come crawling back or they will put on a façade in order to deal with it… BUT I told him that he should tell them to fuck off and die because they are gay bashing fuckheads…

He took my advice though…. He is happy and now his parents are trying to get back into his life… I also told him that if they did that… It would have to be on his terms and not theirs because he can’t live in his parents shadow forever…

Yeah it came out the way I said it and I didn’t take pitty on him but I made a difference in his life because I was so blunt and took no bullshit and I DIDN’T console him…

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Life Sucks

No Money
No Job
Being Evicted
Moving Back To P's
School Going Shit
Woman Leaving Me
Drinking two bottles of wotever a day
Enuf money on spliff
And not eating healthy
Business partnerships dropped
No trust, rampant paranoia
Coming down off high dose of Ad's

I feel wicked!!!
But my life from an objective standpoint
Kinda Sucks...

Advice from all welcome, specially the -nobullshit-tell-it-likeitis- LeNina

Many thanks, your gimp...c
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