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A little bit late, I know. But I must say it. What I know is the pain you felt, what I do not know is the quilt. My past ex was convinced of a lie that I was cheating on her, she broke up with me over IM also, and never wanted anything to do with me since. I also do not email her, for the same reason why you didn't email your ex. But I know she didn't read them, I know this because I know her, not cause I entered her email, though I could have at any time. The pain will pass, that much is true, but you have to want it to pass, truly want it. Your longing to be with her may never pass, but it will diminish. It took me 5 months to get over what happened between my ex and I, but I did. You will too, all it will take is time, and friends to help you out with advice such as this. I am young, but I have been around the block a few times, and I am far wiser than any would ever imagine. I know what you are going through, and I understand it. Humans tend to learn best when it is their worst that shows, but this is not true for humanity, sadly. Take confidence in the fact that unless you have a serious breakdown of convictions, you will never cheat on anyone you date again. Take pride in the fact that you shall never hurt anyone in that way ever again. If you are ever afraid that if the people you date find this little fact out about you, know this, if they do care about you, and are smart enough to realize it, which usually comes with the caring, they will see how much it hurt you after you and your ex broke up, and see what all that experience did to you, and see that you won't do it again. Have faith in yourself Drago, it is the one thing that you should always have.
Farewell Little Brother, You Shall be Missed
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