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Darkness Incarnate
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Horror Hair Salons...

Does anybody have any really bad hair salon experiences? What are they?

I had one the other day, though I suppose it wasn't -too- bad. It was really hot and icky out, so my best friend and I went out to go have our hair washed an' then blow dried, just for the hell of it. The hairdresser had the nerve to go on about how waxy my friends hair was, (which she already knew, because she'd put a styling agent wax into it) and then she had the nerve to make my hair waxy by sticking some of that shit into it afterwards! My friend asked for a zig zag part, and the bitch handed her the comb and said, "Here, part it how you want it" --she didn't even know how to do a zig zag part!!!!! ~rolls her eyes~ Then with mine, I said, "I just want it parted at the center" and she stuck the part over to one side... BLAH!

-NEVER- going back to that salon, and I'm going to badmouth it to everybody I see. I swear I should stand outside their door, and turn customer's away with my horror stories! They SUCK!

We ended up going home and re-washing our hair for the THIRD time that day... ~laughs~

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Blissful Purrrfection
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Wow i know where your coming from...
I went to this salon one time, and it was my ex-friends mom who was the stylist! i had no idea! so she cut my hair. and boy did she ever cut it! it was so much shorter than i wanted, and it was parted way over to the side, which looked like and shit and i told her! heh it was hillarious! but i know never to go to that salon ever again....


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Old 05-21-02   #3
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i went to the salon when i was about ten..i wanted to get a perm,so im there getting this perm done,and when its finally all over after being there forever(its seemed)i go home and the day after(i think the day after) i realize my hair is all singed(sp?)so i had to cut it all off
so i was rather pissed,i had very long hair*misses it*
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Old 05-30-02   #4
Duchess Nocturn
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Duchess Nocturn
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I haven't been in a salon since . . . . . uhh . . . . . 5th grade? 7 years ago? That was the last time I cut my hair . . . . .

Wait, scratch that. I got my hair done for formal dances several times. The worst was for junior Prom. I said I wanted most of it down and I wanted something simple. I didn't know what they were doing until they were done-- and they had curled my whole fucking head. It was so skanky looking I started to cry.

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Old 06-07-02   #5
Shattered Dream
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I haven't got my hair cut in yonks. It is getting on my nerves...especially on windy days. :p
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Self Obsession Honey
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Hmmm. My worst cut ever was with a home hairdresser... I used to have it layered, and the bottom layer flicked out... kinda a Rachel cut..

Only for some reason she cut the top layer waaaaaaaaay shorter than the bottom. I looked like a scarecrow, there was nothing I could do with it... ugh, it was so terrible and I had to go on holiday later that week...

I ended up getting my hair redone in a salon on holiday, which I was scared about... basically the entire bottom layer had to be cut to match the top layer. It was incredibly short... I dyed it purple that week too. Which was pretty cool.

My gripe about hairdressers in general is -- they always want to style thin hair so that it looks like it's thick and has volume. But I have naturally thick hair (not coarse, just, like, a hell of a lot of hair on my head) and they always want to thin it out.. where is the sense??
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Old 06-19-02   #7
~gutter glitter~
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nah my sister in laws hair salon
she's a fucking shit head cant even do something simple like cut hair.
i told her to give me a trim... i almost lost all my hair
i mean i like her but she just cant cut hair!
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Old 06-24-02   #8
Rock and Roll Zombie Love
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I was bald till I was 4...Then my aunts goth together and decided to give me a perm. Then another one 2 years later..and anotherone later..and another one..

I'll never get my hair permed again..

My experiances haven't been too bad..My aunt is a hair dresser and owns a salon..she's really good..the only horrid experiance was getting my ears done (top part)..

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Old 06-24-02   #9
New Blood
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Try being bored... One Sunday(that should have been a sign) I got bored, and figured I should go dye my hair. Found a hairdresser that was open, and went in.
Three nice ladies were at work, and asked what I wanted. I told them no red, and do not cut it short. Other than that, do whatever you want...
The girls started at it, and and an hour later, my hair was bright signal red
I still wonder why they did that to me. The next day I ran stright to my uual hairdresser and got her to save me from the horrible color.

Lesson: Never EVER go to a hairdresser on Sundays
Boredom is the way of life
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