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best friend = no friend

OK, so i've gotten rid of everyone who's done me wrong. Now I have like two friends that i hang out with. My best friend doesnt invite me to hang out, doesnt ask to do anything with me. He doesnt call as much as he used to. I feel like we're not connecting on an emotional level anymore. He said he needed a friend so I'm doing my best at being there for him and keeping him happy and entertained, but we argue a lot now and I see our friendship going down the toilets. Why is it that when his other best friend gets mad at him or when they argue he thinks 'well, that's just him' but when i get mad or we argue he thinks 'why is she being such a bitch?'

ive been thinking bad thoughts lately and i dont know how to get away from them. im heading down a road that i once lived and i dont want to ever again. i feel alone and like i dont have anyone in the world. where is everyone when i need them?

::sigh:: i guess i need advice on how to change my thoughts and any advice on how to salvage my relationship with the last person that means anything to me. does anyone else know what it's like to come close to losing everything?
he just doesnt see......but does he want to?
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Well.. I can offer a few things to help your thought process, but I can't give you all the answers, of course..

First off.. Remember that guys, overall, are less sensitive to this sort of thing. He may not even realize that you're feeling this way about your friendship..

Second off.. Have you tried actually Talking to him about it? Like, not little side-stepping things that you drop almost immediately.. Don't be subtle and expect him to know what you're talking about. Just, up front, tell him that you feel like the friendship is slipping, and talk to him about it. Remember that guys and chicks speak different languages. Little nuances, gestures, glances, bodylanguage, tone of voice things that another chick would pick up on, a guy completely misses. And it's the same the other way around.

As for feeling like he gets pissier with you than with his other friend.. Well, have you considered that that might be because he considers you a stronger friend and doesn't expect the same levels of bullshit?
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