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Reload this Page How do your dark beliefs affect your daily life?
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Face in the Mist
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How do your dark beliefs affect your daily life?

While I agree that the "What Would Jesus Do?" phrase is trite and comical at best, I do know that at times in my life when I have been trying hard to be a good Christian, I have made decisions which I believe were more in line with Christian beliefs. Nothing major perhaps but smaller things like not stealing nickels from the penny tray, dressing more conservatively, not kicking the dog so much, leaving the orgy early etc.

For those of you who actively consider themselves Satanists, do you follow a "What Would Satan Do?" lifestyle? Pee on the public toilet seat, kill babies, vote for Hilary Clinton?
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Saint Aelphaba
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I don't follow a Christian path, but I try to be a good person... I never consider my actions against someone like Jesus... because... He's Jesus. Come on. I just follow my gut, and the little voice in the back of my head, and if that's God talking to me, then way to go. It's kept me from making a few bad decisions.

I think Jesus definitely would have stolen the nickels out of the penny tray though... and then he would have given them to the homeless bum sitting outside the gas station. And he dressed in a sheet... it probably got really windy in the desert, so I have to wonder and giggle at the thought that perhaps he inadvertantly flashed his apostles back in the day.
Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose the former, and have seen no reason to change.
-Frank Lloyd Wright
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Cosmic Fire Dancer.
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*smiles at Boom's post*

I too gave up "the church" a long time ago. Personally, I think Jesus was a great teacher if you take what he said and break it down to the bare bones. I also think that most of the people who are walking around calling themselves "Christians" these days are the furthest thing from true followers of his real teachings, and use the Bible and Jesus' name for their own means of all sorts. I also believe that if Jesus was alive today he would have a fit about the whole thing.

No, my beliefs are basically an eclectic mix and I refrain from labeling myself or squishing myself into a category. It's not from lack of commitment; as a matter of fact it's FOR commitment: commitment to ultimate truth. It's basically because in my journeying I've found truths in various places and I figured out that something is true somewhere after realizing that seemingly different schools of thoughts have the same or similar threads of truth running through them. All this came after years of questioning and inner conflict, which I might add came at a very young age, possibly after I noticed the differences between the churches we attended, from Catholic to Pentecostal to contemporary Christian, and how these denominations all seem to claim to be "THE church".
I could go on, but that's the basic jist of it.

Cheryl, from other posts of yours I'm wondering if possibly you are at a place where you may be questioning what you believe or maybe you are feeling conflicted a bit about things you think or feel that don't seem to perfectly fit the uber-Christian mold. I say if so, good for you. Even if you decide to stay within your current belief system, perhaps you will be able to do so a little wiser and centered and doing it because it's right for you and not because you were told what you were "supposed to" do.
"Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people."---C. G. Jung
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