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favorite story

reposts if you desire;

here's one of mine...

She looked at the large moon rising slowly above the dark blue mountain. Slumbering giants passing the eons waiting. She slipped out of her robe, shivering a bit as a chilled wind blew across her naked flesh. She bit her lip and closed her eyes feeling the power there, tonight would be perfect. She felt a flush of excitement creep through her stomach anticipating what she would see. She reached down and picked up the large leather bound book. She set it in the middle of the table and picking up a match lit several candles, one in each direction, and with a silent thank you, expelled the match. The candles flickered slightly as the breeze again made a pass to carres the pimply flesh.

She slowly poured the wine, and then reaching down again she opened a bottle of fresh spring water filling the other one. She looked over the elaborate altar and inhaled as the moon began to crest above the rough swell of the tops. She tipped her head up to feel the silver light fill her with calm power, she nodded acknowledement and picking up a large sword began to walk around in a circle. The ancient chant humming slow along the wind, she could feel the world awaken.

She stood back where she started and dramatically set the sword to lay across the rough made table. The various colored material flicked in the wind that was now beginning to pick up. She closed her eyes again focusing on the energy that was growing in the circle. She opened the book and blinked a bit to adjust her mind to the forgotten writing and strange symbols. She silently recited the words as she’d been coached and as the moon shone down above her. Bathing her in a silvery irridescence she began to chant. She reached over raising her voice above the wind that was now swirling around the circle, she looked about amazed the it was not penetrating her sphere. She began to chant louder, her confidence growing as the wind began to tear outside, the younger, weaker trees bending dangerously low to snapping.

She picked up the silver dagger and holding her arm above the chalice of wine slit her arm she felt tears well up as the sharp pain seared across her flesh and opening her eyes she saw her blood flowing freely into the wine. She grabbed the glass up to the moon and holding the dagger pointing in the same direction she yelled her decree. Everything stopped, there was no sound, the wind was suddenly still. She could feel the crackling in the air, something was going to happen. She closed her eyes and realized it was here.

She quickly tossed a few selected herbs to the wine mixture and stirred it with a bit of the crisp water. She stepped cautiously away from the altar and walked around to the front of the alter. She stood before the triangle and could sense something was there, she inhaled deeply to confirm her confidence and in a commanding voice declared it to show itself.

She watched as a shimmery smoke began to take form, manifesting into a dark man, his eyes glowed with a danger, his face showed displeasure at being commanded so defiantly.

“A girl?” the voice turned more amused than angered seeing the pale, naked girl before him, holding out the chalice. He smiled and a loud chuckle filled the forest, her fear grew a bit.

“I know you are frightened of me child, your quaking body is to innocent to be aroused” he said snidely, a scheme began to develop in his mind. She may have him bound, be he would not let her off so easily.

“So sweet one, what is this you offer me, you’re blood perhaps in hopes of having me do your bidding.” He observed her challenging her to reply.

“You are in my circle demon, and will drink what i offer.” He smiled admiring this frail creature still commanding him, he could hear the hint of fear as she stood there defiantly.

He looked at her for a long time, admiring the fullness of her breasts, the curve of her hips, the full head of hair hanging demurely over her nipples. He smiled and bowed slightly taking the chalice from her hands. A mischievious gleem flicked across his eyes as he slowly sipped, biting his own tongue. Quietly he spit his blood into the cup and offered it back.

“Now to finalize the deal, you must sip.” He watched intently as she cautiously took the chalice, unaware that his blood was mixed with hers and drank the rest. As she licked her lips back up to him he laughed deeply and stepped from the triangle.

“So little one, what is your desire that you would damn your soul?” He asked callously walking around the alter observing the set up, he reached out and felt an uncomfortable shock as he tested the boundaries, nodding his head impressed that she was able to summon such energy and turned quickly to wrap her tight against his hard body, she could feel heat radiating, a roughness to his skin. She then felt more frightened than ever at the surge of confusion rushed to her mind, making her lose track of her thoughts.

She felt her knees give as a wet tongue flicked across her neck. In an instant she stood there now cold and feeling lonely. He stood to the side smiling watching the affect he had on her. It would be easier than he thought he smiled and again asked her what she wanted.

“I am at your command little one, for eternity, isn’t that what your spell decrees?” She looked at him sensing there was something more in his tone, but unsure what.

“I want you to.” she paused thinking how to put it.

“I need some one to leave me alone, and.” he could feel her sadness and insecurity at the request. He smiled inwardly as her thoughts rushed to his mind. The blood spell was stronger than he expected, he wondered how she’d handle it, and then he saw what she wanted.

“Open the circle and it’s done” he said, an eagerness for freedom and death now betrayed his cold demeanor. She nodded slowly and looked again at the moon that was now dull and gray as she walked over and dispelled the circle. With a puff he was gone, she heard his voice loud in her head assuring her he’d be back.

Suddenly feeling exhausted she weakly began to pile everything back into the ragged dufflebag and pulled on the loose flowing gown, wrapping a large sweater around her shoulders she zipped up the last of the ritual items in the bag and made her way down the dark path to her car. As she drove off she began to fear what he had planned for her...


He sat with the tiny blonde girl, sitting back listening to her annoying laugh. He drank up the drink and felt it go to his head. He looked at her and smiled, she was dumb, but pretty. Then with a cruel laughter he realised what he wanted, she didn't need to be smart. He stood up and she quickly pulled him down laughing as she jumped up to stradle him. He looked around amused realizing that no one seemed to care in this club. He liked it as she slipped beneath the table he watched two full breasted girls dancing with eachother, he leaned his head back and began to imagine what the three would be like.

He heard his name and looked up to see her, the dark haired girl, and blinked. She shimmered out of sight and he noticed the little blonde looking up to him.

"Whose tara?" she pouted, large heavily made up eyes glowed with glitter.

He shook his head "Ummm, an old girlfriend." He said with a spooked tone in his voice as he suddenly felt very cold. He agains saw a vision of her naked standing above him, a long dagger dripping with blood and she brought it down. He jumped up and out of the way. He looked seeing nothing but people looking at him oddly, the blonde sat looking rather embarrassed. He quickly ordered another round of drinks and taking down the first one began to feel extremely ill.

"Hey babe, let's go home? I'm not feeling to well." she noticed he did look a little pale and was sweating.

"Yeah, sure, i can make you feel a lot better" She winked and taking his hand led him from the table. As they exited down a few steps he fell down and hid his head hard on the pavement. He heard a deep laughter and looked around to see a large, dark man standing before him.

"Are you okay Sir?" the eyes were odd and penetrating, he felt a shiver as he stood up. He looked to the tiny blonde who had become smitten with this tall stranger. Standing there with a puppy love smile on her face.

"Hi, I'm Sally" she said pushing her chest out towards him.

He looked at the outfit barely covering the essentials and looked impressed. "Yes i see you are." He said his tone softening, becoming a smooth syrup as she fell more under his spell. He walked up to her, and putting a large arm around her began to lead her away.

"Perhaps you should watch your drinking" The stranger called back as he disappeared into the dark with the giggling blonde.

Tony stood up swearing, the word whore echoed through the tall buildings. He moaned and grumbled as he walked to where his care was, and kicked the shiny black metal seeing all four tires flat. He yelled up to the sky and then felt everything go black, he felt the impact as he fell, feeling nothing else.

He woke up with the most horrible headache he'd ever had and blinked a few times hearing a pained moan off in the distance. He tried sitting up and all the pain swam to his head making him lay back down. He pressed his hands to his head and felt the urge to cry. He was then jerked to his feet and against his own will stood before the tiny blonde that had left earlier in the evening. She lay naked and beaten before him, her make-up was smeared with tears and blood flowed from her hands clutching her stomach.

"Who's Tara?" She asked, the pain in her voice almost unbearable. "This is your fault, you hurt her?" she questioned, the pain in his head now clearing as he realized he was in his own room. He looked down seeing blood on his hands, a knife gripped tightly. She looked at him with placid eyes, glassy and red, the tears flowed freely.

"He's going to take us to hell, she did it, it's your fault!" looking down seeing her blood flowing over her hands a panic crept to her voice she began to scream at him. "It's your fault!" he could bare her cries no longer and turned trying to run. He saw the door and reaching out for it heard a loud pounding. Half confused he looked at the girl dying on his floor, blood everywhere. He felt himself naked, dried blood crusting over his skin, looking down he sighed and opened the door seeing two armed officers standing there, guns drawn.

"Freeze, drop the knife and get on the floor" the two young officers yelled in unison, he dropped the knife and dropped quickly, trying to remember what happened. The cops looked over the room and seeing the battered body in the middle of the floor, one rushed over to check her pulse, as the younger of the two handcuffed him muttering "sick bastard".

The officer holding the girls wrist shook his head, looking ill, as his partner took the hand held radio and announced they needed the meat wagon. He pulled the guy up off the floor and shoved him out the door. His neighbors were now standing around watching the scene, he held his head down being led away naked.


She was sitting in the bath, a techno version of Beethoven's Fur Elise pounded through the rooms. The candles flickered soothingly sending shadows dancing playfully across the maroon tile. She sipped her wine and adjusted the bubbles, she sighed feeling the relaxation spread through her body, reflecting on the dream she had of a girl being brutally murdered. She shivered as the thought was pushed away by a dizzying feeling of excitement. She pulled open the curtain to see Him sitting on the edge of the garden tub, He smiled brightly at her.

"It's done my little one, I think his justice." he paused with a wicked thought. "Is more than enough to compensate you for any pain he may have inflicted upon you." He leaned down feeling her wet body beneath the bubbles stir. He smiled knowing why he made her nervous. He leaned again close to her ear to whisper in a heavy breath. "Finish up, it's time for your payment, I hope you weren't troubled by any dreams." He stood up and walked out of the room as a startling realisation formed into her mind, she jumped up grabbing her robe, spilling the wine into the water. She rushed out after him.

"How did you know?" she asked frightened of the answer as he sat on her bed looking rather pleased with himself.

"Why you silly thing, do you really want me to trouble you with why you see what i see?" He asked letting the true evil of his nature hang heavy in his tone. "Now come here pet, it's time to keep your part of the deal" He looked at her hungrily, closing his eye anticipating the delectibleness of her soul.

She stood there insecure biting her bottom lip, trying to accept what he was expecting of her. She looked to the ground and felt him approach. She closed her eyes unsure of what to expect. She felt firm lips, hot and moist on her neck as she held her eyes tightly unsure what she was feeling. His hand slipped up under her robe and she shivered with a little moan...

She woke up to the sun glaring in her face, she sat up quickly pulling the blankets tight against her chest, she felt amazingly good, but sore. She looked over to see him sleeping next to her and layed back against the pillows with a sigh, her eyes now adjusting to the bright morning sun filling the room. She felt him stir a bit and she slipped quietly out of bed. Stopping at the edge to look at what he was, she tipped her head puzzled how much like a man he looked. She felt a chill as the memory of his true form reminded her who owned her soul. She closed her eyes and felt a tear fall, this wasn't supposed to happen, she wasn't sure what to do. She stopped at the bathroom and looked back at him still sleeping and sighed.

"When you dance with the devil" she said quietly as she turned on the shower, her grandmother's words reflecting the sentiment when the book was passed on all those years ago.

now how about one of yours?
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duplicate thread
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