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midas netal
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>Allard was right all along

When He Said It Isnt Just Graphics, But services that will set the X360 apart form the pack

I have never played on a more well thought out piece of equipement ever. The frameware is perfect and fuck, we already have downloadble demos, games and videos on day fucking one.

Unbelievebale, and my god does it look good on my HDTV.

This blows the shock value of the first Xbox out of the water, Halo 1 included. AMazing piece of kit, it is just such a killer package. Anyone who plays an hour or 2 with it will agree.

My bf loves the fact that I can dial up my ipod ingame, now he wants his own ipod to plug into our sound system via x360.
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Nice ....an yes were jealous ...just a bit .yes a wee little amount MOHAHAHA!
((((((Warning Lord-IVD is prone to rant,miss spell , use broken engrish refer to himself in the 3rd person and display many other disturbing traits,....Read at your own risk!! ))))))
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Lost Soul
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since my fucking preorder bitches have decided that they can't actually live up to my preorder (Thanks for telling me fuckholes, i just so happened to be passing the store and if i hadnt gone in to check, i'd have been waiting at midnight for my 360 that wasnt there) and i wont get one til next year, so i'm going to take my money back and invest it in a newer bigger better and badder HDTV and sell my old one. so by the time i get my 360 i'll have a sweeter screen, and the games i want more will be out so i can get them then. fucking microsoft.

apparently the story goes - the store wasnt told microsoft set a deadline for preorders for the first batch. i made mine on that day (by coincidence) now due to the low amount they had registered before that day, the store are only getting a certain amount of xbox 360s. now microsoft aren't sending out the entire amount of preoderer consoles asked for, theyre sending less. 14 of them. (for customers. the rest of their order will go to the staff. of course, staff will take the preorders for themselves, thats how its done) so yeah, because of this, me being number 20 in the queue at that store, wont be getting a 360 til next year. fuckers. and even though i've actually paid the entire price not put £20 on the 360, theyre going down in list order. so theyre happy to keep my cash and give me nothing. but yeah, i think i'll just take my money back, get me a new screen, enjoy that with my movies and shit, and then get the 360 next year. probably a better version anyway with less bugs.
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