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In a Lonely Room

A last will and testimant. One of the most powerful legal binding contracts. It is one of the only thing that lets the dead or gone pass their aquirements to the living. This is what Valron left inside of Marius' abandoned castle.

Admist what Valron had taken as his own personal study lay a single envelope. Its paper was yellowed from time. It was closed by a signet seal. The image was that of two graceful wings arching upwards. The evelope lay as the single occupant of a lonely desk. On its front was scrawled Zeke Ravenfield. It would open to no other.

When Valron had charged into Set's castle, he knew he would loose. It is impossible to compleatly destroy evil and Valron didn't have the power to bind him or stop him in some other matter. He didn't know what Set was going to do with him once he lost. He assumed something worse than death. However he knew Set wouldn't kill him. If for any other reason than just out of spite. Unfortunately it prevented Valron's soul from finding another host to be reborn in. It locked him in a stasis. So Valron made this will, his last chance to have his power reinvested. Hopefully in someone that would have enough strenght and other skills to be able to subdue the threat that Set poses to the world.

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Old 04-29-04   #862
Zeke Ravenfield
Face in the Mist
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Zeke Ravenfield
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A dark figure walked into the room. He walked slowly towards the desk and looked down upon it, seeing the letter on its top. He reached down with a hand and picked it up, turning it over and slowly examining it. The figure raised a hand lazily towards the fireplace in the room and it burst into flames.

A smile crept along Zeke's face as he looked over the envelope. Apparently Valron did have one final lesson to teach him, or one last gift to give, for it certainly looked like the name on the front was written by Valron's hand.

"So this is what he said he left for me? Took me damn long enough just to find a letter. Hope is isn't some sort of sob story or how he loved me like a son or something. That would really ruin his whole mystique that I built up in my mind."

Zeke ripped open the envelope, the wax seal breaking easily, and slid out the letter that was inside. He carefully unfolded the paper and started to read what was printed.


You should sit down before you read what comes next. I know you won't, but you should anyways. By the time you manage to stumble through Marius castle and find this letter, I am most likely dead, or beyond even your reach. I died because I am going off to fight against Set, to try to end this war once and for all. I know my chances are slim to none, but they are better than any other I see at this point. With Marius gone and Hiro dead, I feel I must take up the mantle one more time and try to finish what we all started.

The reason I left this letter is for it to act as my last will and testament. I, Valron Darkmer, Archangel of the Holy Host, hereby pass all of my possessions, titles, responsibilities, memories, and powers onto Zeke Ravenfield, my proper heir. I know this may come as a shock, but I have chosen you to become imbued with my powers and duties.

Within a few minutes of reading this, you will undergo something of a change I assume. Don't worry, I'm not going to steal your body or take over or shove my soul into yours. I am just going back to what I was long before this war started, normal. I may be sealed up in some horrible castle of Set's, but I am normal once again. My powers are going into you as you read this. I hope you don't mind the inclusion of memories I believe to be important to this war effort. They shouldn't be to much of a hassle. If you do manage to ever see me again, I would very much appreciate getting all of these things back from you. Consider them on loan for now.

Anyways, time is growing short. Most likely you're feeling faint right now. Maybe dizzy. I really don't know. Do your best to protect the world. If you fight with your own talents and the ones I just have given to you, you might just be able to make a difference. Good luck.


Zeke finished reading the letter and carefully folded it and put it into his coat pocket. He smiled wistfully and waited for the promised power from Valron, if it would come at all. Zeke thought back to training with him, how odd he had seemed. In Zeke's mind Valron had never been training a partner or warrior, he had been trying to train a replacement for himself. This was the final step of that replacement.

A pilar of light engulfed Zeke. He screamed out in pain as his body was transfused with the blood of angels. The light disappeared suddenly and Zeke vanished along with it.
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