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*As Eden left Sano was just getting back to normal, ever part of him retrned to its peak. Even his right arm which had been pretty much burned away was nearly full healed. He then eventualy stood fully up right, a look of anger and terror filled his eyes at the same time.So its true, there are beings with such power, how can I ever stand up to anything like that .

Sano thought and thought, if this was a real battle to the death Sano would have been killed with out a doubt, it was clear his physical strength meant very little in a fight like the one he had just experiance. He then remebered his siblings who were now probably beings like Eden, creatures who would not have to lift a fist to him but instead blow him away with there own spirit energy.

He knew he would now more then ever have to become stronger in more then one way, it was clear what eden siad, Sano would have to find away to get around the barriers set infront of him because he was a human. And he knew of a way to some how acomplish this but first he would have to return to his home.
Sano picked up his things and left the ruins with a smirk on his face.
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Slowly, a man shrouded by darkness appears through the shadows. He is a tall man, wearing a brown robe of wool, with the hood pulled far over his head. You can't see his face, but you can tell what he is. He is an elvish slave from the city of Terral, far east of the ruins. He is carrying nothing but a sword, which he can barely lift anymore, and an herb sack made oh tightly woven Krem spice. He stops short, and falls to the ground.
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*The Ruins - a place of old death and destruction. The silence of the air was unbroken since the last battle took place here. The horrible quiet was then suddenly disturbed! The sound of running foot steps pounded the dirt ground as an old man and a young beautiful elvish woman ran though them. Whenever the man could not run anymore, he stumbled and fell. The beautiful woman, clad is shining silver armor, ran to his aid. Her beauty - as all elf women - was unmatched, and yet despite it - she was strong. She quickly knelt down and began to pick the old man up. Within her beautiful eyes, fear could be found. As the still air suddenly changed to allow an icy wind to blow from the south, she wispered into his ear.

"Ewon, we must hurry - the enemy knows where we are! It's only a matter of time before - "

*She was cut off by the old man's gentle yet powerful voice.

"I know Sylvais......but by body grows weak. And he knows this."

*Ewon , now standing, turned to face the beautiful elf-woman and reached out as if to hand her the book. He said with a sad smile.

"Here, take this book to the Town of Reficul........bring it to a man there called Marius. Trust no one else! I'm too slow to follow - leave me behind and hurry! Darkness moves much faster than Light."

*The woman was taken off guard by his request - however, her shock would grow as the sounds of horrible footsteps filled the air. The foot steps were not of men, elf, angel, or demon - but of horses. Four mighty black steeds were quickly drawing close. And upon them rode death. Sylvais' face grew in sadness as she looked upon the old man.

"Ewon I would not know what to say to this Marius even if I did reach him. It is you who must go - this task was handed down to you by the Holy Ones themselves, you must do it..........I will stay behind and hold them off for as long as my skill will let me! Quickly Ewon! Our time is running out!"

*Ewon shook his head with understanding as he put his right hand to the side of Sylvais' face. Tears were starting to fall from his old gentle face. The elf said to him with sadness....

"I do not fear them."

*The old wizard than began to run in the direction of Reficul, leaving the elf behind. She turned from him and faced the dreaded south. She heard the coming of the steeds and their riders. She drew her elven sword and braced herself for the coming doom.

*Ewon did not turn back, for he knew the the beautiful creature was as good as dead. His only hope was that she could hold them long enough for him to reach Reficul. His time was growing thin. As he was about three miles away from the Ruins, he heard a terrible scream.....and then silence. Sylvais had fallen. Ewon's heart was filled with grief but he had his task - he must reach Reficul, the problem was if he would make it before "they" did.
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*It had been a number of weeks since Sanos visit to the town of Refucil, ever since he had left there he had been in the Ruins continuing his training were he had left off training in the same time distrortion he had before. In this place were time slowed down barely anything lived nor changed, it was always dark as midnight and the only light was coming from the glowing moon and stars which never moved from there place

He still continued to use the weights which he had trained all his life with, these weights were able to become as heavy as there master wished them to be while managing to keep an amazingly small size. Each weight on his body, one around each wrist and each leg and even the one which he wore like a vest were at 6,000 lbs.

Yes to the outside world Sanosuke had been here maybe 8 weeks tops but in the time distortion he was in he had spent nearly five whole years alone just training each and every one of those days. To say the least His pyshical strength was now unheard of, his body was 100% pure muscle and it showed, althogh he was still only a meddium build he had a muscle density that was unpresidented.

Although that was all that he was capible of, for his energy was still very weak. To put it simply even high level vampires could still over power him when it came down to it. It was true what eden had said to him, he had barriers infront of him that would have to be crossed ones that he would have to break through. But this was the wrong place to try to break through those barriers.

Sanosuke finaly sat down to take a rest. The moon light made his sweaty body glisen. He hair had gotten much longer, reaching just above the middle of his back, his face was covered in what was a light beard, apparently his facial hair grew now were near as fast as the hair on the rest of him.

Before he realized it he had fallen asleep with his eyes open, his body had shut itself down demading rest, he would probably be like this for the next few days as his body repaired and rested itself*
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*Nearly half a year had passed were Sano was, as the world itself only had aged about a week. In this time he had changed quite a bit, the hair on his head had continued to grow and it was clear he had stoped shaving altogether leaving his with a thick but still short brown beard on his face. His clothing was fadded and torn even burn on some places god only knew from what.

Even his weights had maxxed only 500lbs from what they previously were. He truly looked like a beast, a beast with only the thougt of being stronger then he already was. Maybe he had finaly gone insain, after all he was only human and with all the shit he had been through over his life time it was expected he would oneday lose his mind.

The setting was all set for some one to go insian, he had spent nearly 5 and 1/2 yrs just training in a setting that never changed, in a place were the moon never set and was always full. The only light he had seen this whole time was from the moon and the few stars which surrounded it .

All of his movments finaly came to a hault, he felt a strange presents in the air around him. It was that same feeling he got when ever some one he knew died, he could not put his finger on it but a great power had just left. In a way this marked the end of Sanosukes training for now, it was clear that something was about to happen soon and he would have to be there when it took place.

So just like that he left the Ruins and its secret spot he called his training ground, it was once agian time to venture out into the real world and into life*
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