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Reload this Page A Theory to the Destructive Nature of the Current Order
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A Theory to the Destructive Nature of the Current Order

I have a theory pertaining to the destructive, greedy, and self-serving nature of the current system/order. This theory revolves around four principles which are money, sex, power, and control. In trying to define what each principle means, bear in mind that those four principles may or may not be classified into two categories with money and sex as one category and power and control as another category. Socioeconomic status must also be taken into account in describing the four principles and their relationship to the individual. For the average blue-collar person, the principles most important to them are probably money and sex. Both money and sex are probably their most important need and want over both power and control. That does not mean however, that they would not want both power and control. Human beings are like opportunistic pathogens. They will seize power and control if such an opportunity is present. For a temporary moment, one may decide to categorize money and sex as level one and then power and control as level two. For example, a boy that may have grown up poor but has become incredibly wealthy (with access to both principles of money and sex) and now wants to get into politics. This individual is in the early stages of slowly and incrementally wanting to exert some kind of control and possessing some kind of power. The same can be said of individuals (particularly males) of higher socioeconomic status. For the white-collar high-ended person, power and control becomes their prioritized aphrodisiac. That does not mean however, that money and sex is not necessary or needed to their life for it is still a part of the four principles of life, hence the title, the four basic principles of life permeating all persons regardless of class status. One must keep in mind the very fundamental law of logic itself. In order for the high class person to achieve both power and control in its maximum, money is a necessary means to achieve both power and control. In other words, one cannot exert or possess a lot of power and control if they have zero money. For example, some conspiracy theorists believe that the entire planet Earth is governed by an elite class of bankers or individuals making extraordinary serious money. But would they be able to control the world and exert incredible force if they did not have all that money and wealth? One may argue that their ultimate goal is maximum power and control but they fall into the fallacy of negating the two basic principle of life of money and sex. In other words just because they have all the power and control does not mean that once in a while they wouldn’t want money and sex. For example, my former professor of religious studies and philosophy Dr. Mueller’s wealthy friend once said three simple words: “I want more.” Many people (both expert and non-expert) tend to argue that for super rich individuals they already have all the money so they would not want any additional money. This is simply not true. I am already a billionaire. If there was an opportunity for me to become a trillionaire, would I go for it? Of course, I would! The conspiracy theory of a bunch of control freaks wanting to control the world is not as far-fetched as it sounds. This only works in direct parallel with logicality. When an individual has all the money, it only makes sense that they want, can, and are able to control the world by automatic default. Thus, it is not a conspiracy theory.

Sex is the most interesting and fascinating basic principle of life. It is included in the foundational layer of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is a need and a want regardless of one’s socioeconomic class. Earlier, I mentioned that the four principles may be split into two categories of level one (money and sex) and level two (power and control) respectively. The four principles may also be split into four levels as well. Money is designated as level one. Sex is designated as level two. Power is designated as level three. Control is designated as level four. When an individual makes a lot of money, the individuals can then move onto higher levels more easily. They can obtain all the sex they desire which is level two. As they begin to accumulate more money, levels three and four become more easily obtainable as well. They gain more and more in power and may hold high powered positions. As they gain more power, they will then be able to exert control. At this stage, whether or not they want to exert control is irrelevant to ponder because both conscious and unconscious forces will come into play. In other words, the individual may project control and the individual does not even notice it. The desire to exert control becomes second-natured. Nevertheless, even at the climax in which an individual achieves all four principles, sex will always be a need and a want. For the counterargument to simply remove the principle of sex is foolish. For example, former governor Elliot Spitzer has already achieved incredible success with his Harvard lawyer wife but he still goes to have a little fun with an extravagant escort. If power and control were the only end goals then how come a lower level principle of sex is still in the play, still in the play even when one has achieved great success? This all goes back to earlier when I mentioned the three simple words “I want more” from my former professor Dr. Mueller’s wealthy friend. On the other hand, for the average blue-collar guy, the principle of sex is self-explanatory. Some of the blue-collar guys can barely get buy on a month-to-month basis. Chasing after power and control would simply not be a part of their lives and is not even logical by itself. Even if he wants to be in a faithful monogamous relationship, the odds are against him according to research (see article called Male Financial Consumption is Associated with Higher Mating Intentions and Success). And he might be able to save a couple of hundred dollars to have a good time with a companion, but that would only come once in a blue moon (not like every day or every three days or even every week). The blue-collar guy is more concerned with paying his bills, buying food, and survival. Remember, this does not mean however, that if there was an opportunity to gain power and control, that the blue-collar guy will not seize it.

A very crucial element that needs to be taken in account that relates to the four principles of life is the crime element. Most of the blue-collar people in prison are their due to the lack of those four principles of money, sex, power, and control. Considering that the population has grown from 5 billion to 6.8 billion people in about 15 years, one would have to wonder if the planet is sustainable in giving everyone of the nearly 7 billion people on this planet a standardized job meeting their minimum needs. If one cannot make money or even obtain a minimum wage job position, it is only by logic that they go into a life of crime. There are people being told that no positions are available at Burger King and Starbucks. I have a colleague who advised to not even apply online for a position because you are like 1 in 20,000. Is it even practical to try to win a lottery? Most people tend to blame the state of the economy for the lack of jobs but has anyone brought up the issue of overpopulation and its negative epidemiological consequences both on a macro and micro level? And so without the foundational level one layer met of money, the three other principles of sex, power, and control become harder to obtain. As a result, individuals must find some other way to express and project sex, power, and control. Unfortunately, this may lead to the commission of serious crimes. For example, in order to express sex, the commission of the crime of rape occurs. Another example, in order to express power and control, a person becomes a serial killer and likes to kill their victims in particular way or pattern (like stabbing them repeatedly to demonstrate power and to feel powerful or torturing and toying with their victim before they kill them). Rape can also be used to project power and control as well. Another example is beating someone up to feel powerful. Individuals who have money, sex, power, and control may not need to engage in such unfortunate and destructive tendencies. They have all the money so it would not be logical for them to rob a bank. They have all the sex they want so it would not be typical for them to go around raping people (although some experts may suggest power and control, I disagree with that because sex is a need and a want and I suggest people look into the research on the benefits of sex). In spite of all this, human beings want more and more and more and the quest is never ending. Even individuals who have everything they want would still love to see someone else fall or fail. For every unit an individual gains, it has to come at the expense of someone else (pure indisputable logic) whether knowingly or not knowingly, far in distance or short in distance. For every dollar that an individual makes, it has to come at the cost of someone else’s dollar possession. For every additional mate/concubine that the wealthy man takes, he is depriving some poor man a chance at one mate even if the wealthy man already have five mates and still want one more mate.

We now arrive at the subject of resource allocation or distribution. This is a classical debate between splitting the pizza into equal parts so everyone can have equal amounts versus giving a large slice of the pizza to one or two people and everyone else gets thin slices. What people fail to realize is the population factor. When you have ten people, it is safe to say that the pizza gets spit into ten slices and people would not have a problem with that and would think it is fair and just. However, when you have one thousand people, splitting the pizza into a thousand slices would simply not work. Therefore, cooperation in actuality becomes extinct and competition is the inevitable prevailing existence and result. In simplistic statement, there are simply not enough resources (whatever you define it as being whether it money, mates, etc.) for everyone to have equal opportunity. Thus, due to inequality and the non-existence of equal opportunity, crimes of theft, bank robbery, jealousy of others, screwing other people for one’s personal gain is the automatic normalized action.

Everything that has been said so far is purely coming from a male perspective and his construct of needs, wants, and principles. Now we will shift into the female perspective. I will not fully speak on behalf of the female perspective because I do not inherit a female body and I believe that more research is needed in regard to those four basic principles of life I have talked about pertaining to the male psyche and male perspective. However, I will say that for the most part, the four basic principles are very similar to the male perspective but they may be fewer in its power of basic principality. For the female, the competitive nature is simply not as powerful compared to competitive drive in males. Females have different levels of needs and wants too compared to their male counterparts. For example, sex may be a need and a want but they may still prefer chocolate over their man. They may value their children over their man. Just as my former professor Dr. Mueller would say “Children are a woman’s greatest joy, not the man.” There are so many variables that come into play that applying the four principles of life to the female becomes very difficult and complex. Some may argue that for the female, sex is a very private thing and some women may feel uncomfortable talking about it or being honest about it. Due to the potential for secrecy and lack of honesty, it becomes difficult to pinpoint and match the four principles to females in a broader general context. The male psyche is easier to dissect and analyze because it is more straightforward and obvious.

In terms of money, I would say that this principle is the most closest to the males in degree of desire. Money is what allows the human creature to survive, breathe, and have shelter. I do not want to label women as gold diggers (for there are some that can take care of themselves and do not even need or want a man) but research has shown that females prefer males that can financially provide so that potential children can grow up in a sustainable environment (this is almost a natural phenomenon because remember, for the female, the children are the center of their universe). Even generally speaking, any parent (whether it be male or female) with common sense and intellect would want their children to grow up in a safe and healthy environment to later in the future be able to contribute to society and better the world with subsequent generations (not grow up impoverished, have health problems, psychological issues, and then become predators and/or criminals burdening society and not bettering the world – in other words, the exact opposite of the positivity). Nevertheless, that does not mean that the hunger for money is non-existent and in fact, may be craved just as much as the males.

In terms of sex, and in comparison to males, the need is still present but may not be as vigorous as males. Now this may vary from person to person. Some women really like it and others may not really like it (again, reaffirming how complex it is to apply the four basic principles to females). For some, a vibrator is sufficient and some may claim it works better than a man. For others, there is that need to cuddle and bond more on an emotional basis rather than just sex, sex, and more sex. In regard to power and control, this again varies and differs from person to person. However, generally speaking, when compared to males, the need for power and control is somewhat less. Once again, that does not mean that the principles of power and control cannot be applied to females.

In the beginning of my introduction, I mentioned that the four basic principles of life may or may not be categorized into their respective groups. This is because each principle can be synthesized or individualized, connected or disconnected, and depends and varies upon socioeconomic status. The four basic principles of life fundamentally locked into the psyche of human beings from birth till death and everything that revolves around an individual’s life almost always goes back money, sex, power, and control. From the young adult looking forward to a college education in hopes of a better life and making money (whether it be true or not) to the successful businessman trying to court a mate or improve his relationship skills to the middle-aged man finally attaining a powered position and wanting to exert control. Although the human body ages and deteriorates, the human being still tries to hang on to that one sweet experience of lust, stimulating experience, one final taste of power, and the kind of lifestyle that most people tend to envy.
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this generation grew up on it.
blah, blah, blah...
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Positive thoughts manifestation and meditation will help breaking this theory.
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