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Exhibit A: M Lopez is a scrawny, greasy nerd.

Exhibit B: Billy could kill M Lopez IRL.

Exhibit C: There is no way M Lopez is going out with the doable slut in those pictures. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit D: Billy's woman is 10x hotter than doable slut mentioned in Exhibit C.

Exhibit D: Billy's woman could kill M Lopez IRL.
Now that the wind called my name,
And my star had faded now hardly a glimpse up in the empty space,
And the wise One-Eyed Great Father,
In the sky stilled my flame.

For the ones who stood me near,
And you few who were me dear,
I ask of thee to have no doubts and no fears.

For when the great clouds fill the air,
And the thunder roars from O, so far away up in the sky,
Then for sure you will know that I have reached the joyous halls up high.
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