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Buy from the artist you respect and love, take from the rest . . . especially when it's hard to find. And there's nothing wrong with downloading, especially not with the way things are going. Most bands want people to download their shit because most bands only make any income from shows, and now, without the middleman in the way, a small band can make a recording (a few hundred, maybe even a couple thousand) then stick it on the internet for anyone to hear . . . not spending thousands upon thousands to make CD's and other shit . . .

Think of this, Radiohead just stuck their last album on the internet, allwoing fans to pay whatever they wished for it . . . and if they wanted it for free, then they could go ahead and download it. Out of respect, people were buying the album, but on average $5.

Downloading music is the new movement for musicians, people that bitch about it need to realize that it's not going to stop, so they just need to play the game.

And $0.99 a song?! Fuck that, if you want the entire album, in some cases it would be cheaper to just buy the actually CD with the booklet.
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