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Dump him..if you have the guts to tell him. Just don't waste anyone's time, including yours. You might think it's funny, but probably not when he finds out..
..not my boyfriend, it's a friends' bf. She wanted to post that up here so he could see it since he comes on this site.

Hey now!! not all men are peices of shit. assholes a times yeah but peices of shit no. go find someone who knows what respect is and how to spell it. they are out there. i got one myself took me what 7 years to find him. so all is not lost:
I agree, I've got a good one myself, I keep telling her that but she's too stubborn to listen. She also "deserves" what she got anyhow since she played him for quite a while. "Karma" I suppose...

One day real Americans will wake up from their drunken stuper, realize that we have a fat, ugly Miss America, and say 'What the hell happened here?' And on that day we'll grab our guns, swig one more beer, and kill and kill and kill until this is the great country it once was.

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