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Death to Hollywood
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I saw:

Precinct 13
This rather violent remake of the bloody John Carpenter shocker/thriller from the 70's was actually pretty good. I'd go see it again.

This was a surprisingly good film. Very funny and very touching.

Alone in the Dark
Utter shit. Don't waste your time.

Hide and Seek
Bleh. I'd expect more from DeNiro. Instead, we get a lame-brain suspense movie with no suspense and all of the cliches from all of the other suspense thrillers of this sort.

Million Dollar Baby
Surprisingly good. This is already one of my favorite movies of the year.

Another cliched movie. Bad effects ruin the climax of the film and make everything else just crappy. See this if you're bored... it might frighten a chick a bit.

Definitely one of the better comic book adaptations out there, this movie is a cool ride. Although it turns out to be one big anti-smoking commercial, it's still good.

The Jacket
In the tradition of The Butterfly Effect, this is a pretty neat movie, although not as good. It's still worth seeing.

This is my favorite movie of the year so far. Mind you, this is not Die Hard, but it's really good with some excellent performances by its cast.

The Ring Two
The full title of this movie should have been The Ring, Two Hours Longer, Without the Scares, because that's what this was. Wait until this comes out on video.

The Pacifier
Why in the Hell is Vin Diesel in this? Riddick in a Disney movie? AAAH! Don't see it unless you are a 40 year old parent or a ten year old child.

The Incredibles
A rather entertaining cartoon that, if I had any kids, would not let them see until they are a bit older. Cartoon characters having mid-life crisis problems are not something that I'd recommend for children. But it is still often entertaining... may not be your thing.

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