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Welcome to the Ruins.

This area is a microcosm of the land to come. The Crimson Castle's forboding dark image can be seen on the horizon. However, the ruins themselves are hardly tame themselves. The razed buildings that surround you are a symbol of their builder's mortality.

It is said that this area was decimated by a battle between two spirits given physical form. This cursed land is inhabited by many evil creatures. There's nowhere to restock on items here. So be prepared when you enter.

Indigenous Creatures:

Stalker - A large, green, lizard-like, creature. It has stubs where wings may have been a long time ago in the evolutionary chain. It's exposed and uneccesarily large teeth create a horrifying image. It is estimated that any one of these creatures will have killed more than 200 men in their 20 year life span.

Treiat - They're a ghastly human shape, with long arms and legs, which appear vine-like in comparison to their dispraportionately small head and torso. It has smooth dark-grey skin, and is very agile. From time to time they are known to dawn the clothes of deceased travellers and come into town in an attempt to grab yet more meals, but they're usually unsucessful and are killed as soon as they reveal themselves. These creatures are obviously of some intelligence.

Lesser Serpent - 20 foot long snake-like creatures. Attached to them are wings, which are incapable of giving them flight. They're a turqoise and violet color. Beautiful, but dangerous. They have a rather nasty poison which will harm even vampires for a short period before the vampire has rid itself of the poison. Humans must seek antidotes quickly to avoid losing their lives to these creatures.
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