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Originally Posted by thefr0g View Post
Aw Jenn_Devilz, you remind me so much of all the freaky girls that used to come here back in the day. Back then we used to taunt them mercilessly til they left, but now I just want to to stay like a lost relic of a bygone era. What music do you like? TOOL, right? Yeah, I bet it's TOOL. And maybe Evanescence.
Ha not even CLOSE!! My music tastes are mostly metal but I like some industrial. Tool is not really a band I consider that great. Aenima was a decent album but all the other albums are terrible and all sound the same which was "meh" to begin with. I used to play in metal bands in los angeles and HAD a wide variety of people I knew in the metal world. One of my old friends is actually on the howard stern show in the mornings. We haven't talked in a few years but we are the kind of friends if we need help out of the blue we are always there for each other. Going back to music... I hate the fucking radio so I have no clue what is popular. I dislike rap, hiphop, most edm, cuntry mu-sick and anything that isn't anything at all my tastes. I still buy vinyl records, it's the only way to hear music imo.
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