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How did I find DF?

If I recall correctly, I met this guy in a game and we did some mods to it together. Then we made sandwiches via IRC and picked out curtains.

Then he says he posted a picture of us on some forum that we made as a graphic for a bulletin board in the mod, and being a vain dumb shit, I got feeling all bad ass when he said a girl wanted to see more photos.

There was this other huge picture library thing that was real popular at the time. I slammed that thing like a fat kid with a selfie complex. Then Billy the Kidd slapped the shit out of me verbally for it. Then Anit told me I was gay. Then I wised up and started getting shit faced and uglier as I got older. Then I got married to some hot woman anyway, and told fr0g that his forum sucked and his people were scum. I made sure to do this right about the time I had him convinced I was an okay person. Then left.

Glad to see you guys.

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