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As for arizona tea: A serving of mountain dew has (46g of sugar) or (170 calories); whereas a serving of Arizona green tea w/ ginseng and honey has (17g of sugar) or (70 calories). This means Arizona green tea is much less fattening than soda, and it doesn't sacrifice energy for low calorie count either, the lost calories and caffiene in the tea is substituted with the ginseng, therefore providing a good amount of energy, and what some say is a more prolonged and 'Better' energy than typical caffieine/sugar energy. So yes Arizona Tea = Way better for you.
The only real reason we should drink soda is when we're experiencing nausea, the acids in soda help quell nausea, particularly high acid-content sodas like Coca-Cola. However prolonged use of these products causes a variety of shit including: Ulcers, Tooth decay, even Bronchitis and Heart problems, whereas green tea in particular has various health benefits including a natural ingredient that actually helps your heart.
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