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1. Scientists usually expect an experiment to turn out a certain way.
True, usually experiments are carried out to give data towards an existing theory.

2. Science only produces tentative conclusions that can change.
False, it also includes non-changing conclusions, especially the cause and effect parts of particular experiments, especially in Chemistry.

3. Science has one uniform way of conducting research called “the scientific method.”
True. (A guess because I can't use google)

4. Scientific theories are explanations and not facts.
True. Theories explain the fact or guess why the fact is there, it also discovers new fact.

5. When being scientific one must have faith only in what is justified by empirical evidence.
False, case studies are also acceptable as justification among other things. If this quiz says I'm wrong its outdated and I shall pout.

6. Science is just about the facts, not human interpretations of them.
False, Science is based on presuppositions.

7. To be scientific one must conduct experiments.
True. I think

8. Scientific theories only change when new information becomes available.
False. Anyone can add to a theory.

9. Scientists manipulate their experiments to produce particular results.
True and False. An unethical one would manipulate to get desirable effects and all scientists conduct and manipulate to get particular results to provide evidence for or against something, but only along the times of something demonstrable.

10. Science proves facts true in a way that is definitive and final.
False. Since there is science which doesn't use 100% empirical data. However, most science tries to gather as much evidence as possible to make somehing as fact.

11. An experiment can prove a theory true.
False, it can only provide enough evidence towards a specific to be like fact, but it is still only an explanation.

12. Science is partly based on beliefs, assumptions, and the nonobservable.
True. Especially the social sciences.

13. Imagination and creativity are used in all stages of scientific investigations.
True. How else do you come up with a theory.

14. Scientific theories are just ideas about how something works.
False, they're also best guesses on the how too sometimes.

15. A scientific law is a theory that has been extensively and thoroughly confirmed.
Ooo, hard, I'm indesisive, but I'll go for True. Its hard because a scientific law needs not be a theory I think.

16. Scientists’ education, background, opinions, disciplinary focus, and basic guiding assumptions and philosophies influence their perception and interpretation of the available data.
True, science is based on presuppositions like much else.

17. A scientific law will not change because it has been proven true.
True I'd say.

18. An accepted scientific theory is an hypothesis that has been confirmed by considerable evidence and has endured all attempts to disprove it.

19. A scientific law describes relationships among observable phenomena but does not explain them.
True. Like Peter's Third Law, "For each quote there is an equal and opposite counter-quote"

20. Science relies on deduction (x entails y) more than induction (x implies y).

21. Scientists invent explanations, models or theoretical entities.
False, not just scientists, scientists can test anyones theories.

22. Scientists construct theories to guide further research.
True, I think :/

23. Scientists accept the existence of theoretical entities that have never been directly observed.
True. Not all of them though, many scientists believe in God though, so to say false would be unfair.

24. Scientific laws are absolute or certain.

Well, how'd I fail? Actually, I'll find out meself, so as not to spoil the quiz for others.
Thanks. Find out exactly what to think, next.

I'm afraid I've left this forum, please read
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