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Heinous, I wish I had better advice for you, but as many here know right now, I am about the most messed up emotionally anyone can be. My wife left me, not for someone better, as she openly admits, but just for someone else. All I can tell you is, go with your initial reaction. It is usually correct. Trust in your instincts. If you feel this is for real, go with it. There is always a small level of fear, as is the case with life, in general. Paranoia isn't an affliction, it is a suvival mechanism. Be open, honest, and free. But, always, be prepared. Aw, never mind. I am just a bitter, fatalistic realist, and that is truly sad. Enjoy your happiness. Be in control of your happiness. Make it yours. You deserve it. Make others earn it. Stay sweet, and kick ass. And if you ever need advice from someone who has been there, PM me. Good luck, and all happiness.
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