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I'm not sure what came of this issue, but I'm going to add my two cents anyway.

Originally Posted by Billy the Kidd View Post
Dude, get the fuck out of that situation. Tell her you are sorry, but that this is between him and her and that you think she should work it out with him and get him counceling and whatever. You need to do whats right for you and get the hell out of there.

There is no love after a "few weeks" you need to literally get out of there. Her pregnancy is none of your business and you should NOT be raising another mans child.
I'm with Billy on this one. You've only known been dating for a few weeks. Odds are, you hardly know anything about her. You can't know -tons- of stuff about a person after a few weeks. Not enough to decide to raise a kid with her, anyway..a kid that's not yours in the first place.

That situation has 'Get the Fuck Out' written all over it.
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