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Originally Posted by deadbodychick
online relationships are a joke, most of the time you never actually meet the person. so go out on the town get drunk have a good time

i'm starting to agree with DBC. no more online relationships for me. cause all of the other online relationships i had. they all sucked and i have been hurt by alot of them. if i run into a person that think's about getting into an online relationship. i'm going to fucking kick there asses so hard that they don't even know what hit them. then if they tell me that they think its going to work out. i'm not going to say a fucking thing. because i know what that person is in for.
besides its better to meet someone in your own aera. but for me to meet someone in my own aera really suck's. because for one thing people in el paso aren't really open with homo sexuallity and i don't see too many gothic people here. i remembered on halloween one time. i ran into a gothic chick that worked for the KLAQ haunted house radio startion. she was telling me about the goths clubs we have here. but that was so long ago! i should of have braught paper and a pen with me and took somes on the things she was telling me. well i could always search for thoughs things online and where i could find these places my self.
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