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I went to my girlfriend's house today. I've gone farther with her than I've ever had with any girl I've ever met. It's... odd. The way she makes me feel. It's as if... as if... I'm human. I feel like when I say "I love you", I actually mean it this time. That this time I won't cheat on her. That this time I won't fuck around with her, babble about "open relationships" and "no commitment", then leave her in the dust for someone she had gone out with before.

I have gone inside the darkest places of her soul, her heart, her body. She has drunk my blood, and I've drunk hers. I'd give her my soul... if I hadn't already given it to someone else.

Fuck. That's the problem with three-way relationships. Inequality. I wonder how her boyfriend would feel, if he knew what me and her say about him... I wonder how my boyfriend would feel...

Welcome to the soap opera.

*smiles ruefully*
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