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ah well, as long he dies eh lillith?

also, there will be other manifestations of my power and "magick" over the course of 2004. for example, keep an eye on PaulS, a moderator over on OF who sought to interfere with my work. more substantially how's about this lot:

1. war in USA against US govt in 2004. result of which will be end of current sytem of US govt by end of 2004.

2. The Zhedhi Order will OVERTLY take over and control all world govts over course of 2004.

3. The Zhedhi Order will OVERTLY take over all economic and financial sytems over course of 2005, though some such systems (and some companies also) we will take over before then.

4. the gates to other planets and dimensions will be fully opened and operational by feb 26th 2006. again this will be done by the zhedhi order. you will also be able to use the same gates to teleport between various points on the earth's surface.

5. both the cure and the vaccine for AIDS will be ditributed worldwide by the middle / end of 2005.

6. cannabis will be legal, untaxed and freely available worldwide over the course of 2005. it would be 2004 but a year's needed to gather the first big harvest... :dope:

7. by 2006/7 there will be temples of venus worldwide with highly skilled priests and priestesses for the sexual pleasure and education of the public.

8. in 2006 off-planet entities will OVERTLY AND PUBLICLY enter earth's evolutionary path.

how's that for a whole load of specific predictions lillith? all caused by yours truly i might add, albeit working with some others in some cases...

all the best,
Azrael ibn Shaitan.
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