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Well, if you decide, when your head clears, that you can stomach me, let it be said that the religious persuasion of a political leader means nothing to me. Dubya's a christian and look what job he makes of the ideals of peace and love.

Unlike our little bit in the biblical contradictions thread, there is an obvious material connection between myself and the gentlemen you're speaking so nicely of. What bothers me is the unspoken and fiery baggage bringing up "forefathers" has. Just like the Bible, using the literature written by these men has been used to justify absurdly disconnected and often contradictory actions.

These guys have been quoted as being the OGs of any american political persuasion, but it has never carried much weight with me because I don't see them being the founders of our nation as being magical reasons why their wisdom is so mighty and ought to be obeyed. They had some good ideas about government and they risked death to make those ideas real, but that doesn't make them universally relevant.

So, the point of me saying that you provided no imperative is that so what? So what? Their opinions on religion are no more materially relevant than Chun Tzu, Marti, Guevara, Ho Chih Mihn or Ghandi.

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