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Hmmm...I'm going to try this out...I wonder how it works....this is QUITE interesting...hehe, those pictures at the side are funny

**Burnt Message**

Hmmm...I'm going to fuckin' try this bullshit out...I wonder how in the hell that piece of shit works....this bullshit is QUITE interesting...hehe, those pictures at the fucking side are funny

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Grass. Kneel down upon the earth, and gaze ever so closely at the grass. If you were to pluck one, you would notice a change in your view. Step back, and it looks no different than before. You plucked out that blade, ended its life, but as you look at the big picture you realize that single blade didn’t mean a damn, because there is an entire field just like it. Human life… just blades of grass in a field.
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