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He's just like our government....power hungry. He wants to be in total control and he won't listen to anything we say why even stay here???....there's nothing left, but communism. He's taken over the only place where we can write what we want, and do what we want. I think maybe he should read everything over in the "BITCH BITCH BITCH" section and accept how people feel. I don't think that this is something we will all get over. He's ignorant and blind from the world, because he's to greedy for power that he can never have because it's only a website. He can't take away our right to freedom of speech...and if he does, boycott Darkness! Go somewhere else, because it's not worth the hastle of argueing and bitching about....just leave! He'll see that we are upset and we don't want to come back because of the changes he's made. He's not worth your time.
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