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So I was in a bitchy attitude? Shit, news to me. Thanx for the update on myself. I appreciate it.

Oh, and all of those posts, were meant to someone (Hell if I can remember who), that said they plan for the worse situations. Well, there are a few examples of the worst that could happen.

And what the fuck are you people so touchy on this about? Jesus christ, its a social gathering. Are you people that starved for a social outlet? You need high school again? Maybe a cafe, or a mall. For christs sake, 10 months of work for MAYBE a weekend with some strangers. Fuck that. I'll jump in the car, go to a cafe, the mall, the park, the god damn 7-11, and meet someone new for the $3-$10 in gas it takes me to get there, and probably $2 for a drink when I get there.

Oh, and as for people being responsibile for 18...while drinking...

The security deposit, was meant more for wherever the convention is being held. Like in the lobby of some joint, or perhaps an actual "conventionesque" room or hall.

So I think we should lay off my ass for not being all giddy happy at a god damn idea. I can show you the negative aspects to something, since everyone seems to only be looking at the positive. Although I'm sure SOMEONE considered EVERYTHING I have to say...

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