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What is to Come

Forget 2012, forget 20.. and anything. We are surrounded by religious and political bullshit on a daily basis. Priests are making excuses, politicians are making excuses about our society as it is today. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but newsflash.... Now the middle income families get poorer because they are the only ones you can tax with no come back. The end result will be what we see in many sci-fi movies - A massive division between the have and have-nots. I am probably 20yrs older than most of you (apart from prof Mahu - he looks abit tired and shrivelled in his picture). Being that much older does not stop me from keeping to my beliefs, beliefs built on listening to 'The Exploited, 'Black Flag', 'Agnostic Front', 'Suicidal Tendencies - before they went gay' etc....

My point being, whether your a 40yr old anarchist or a current teenager, mid-twenties or thirties, we all know the world is going to shit and part of being in a forum like this is recognising that fact. 2012, yeah whatever, the end of the workd as we know it - absolutly.

The human race as a whole is fucked. Whether you are a bible basher, or a lucifer prone individual you are fucked. There is only one way, we stick together in our beliefs and intentions and then we may survive. Personally, be it dark, be it light both can be right :-)

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