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Off track a little:

...I believe that God chose to make an equal, an that humans could have a choice between him and Satan...
Too bad it backfired a little, eh?

As for satan and Lucifur being two different beings, this is possible...I mean, why else were they given two names?
(Hell, my arguments are weak, I know...!)
But that only applies if you believe in God, Satan, and the whole deal...

But anyway, to go off-track a little; my friend wrote a short-story which raised and interesting point which is sort of related to this...
As Satan was once an angel; through heriditary, his son, the antichrist, will actually be good...and not evil.
"If you cut off a mouse's tail, it's children won't also have missing tails..."

I dunno, what do you guys think>? :p
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